GPS Tracker User Guide

Titan Private Investigations Ltd

Titan GPS Tracker

Getting Started

Titan GPS Tracker Login –

To monitor your tracking device on your computer, tablet or phone you will need to visit the Titan website at and click the GPS Login tab on the home page.
You will be prompted for a login and then a password which the Titan team will have provided you with.

Please Note
If your viewing device screen width is below “1010 pixels” you will need to download a free app called ‘TrackServer’ from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and log in as above.


(1) - Arming Device

GPS Tracking Panel>

This arms the device and notifies you when it moves.
Please leave this button alone unless absolutely necessary.
If you need it set up to notify you then please contact the Titan team.

(2) - Your Map Location

GPS Tracking Panel

If you press this and it’s:
Green – centres the vehicle on the map
Blue – centres your location on the map
Red – No centre, allows you to scroll the map

(3) - Changing The View

GPS Tracking Panel

This changes the view from satellite image to map.

(4) - Show Traffic

GPS Tracking Device 4

This shows you where the heavy traffic is.

(5) - Plotting A Route

This plots a route from you to the target vehicle.

(6) - Settings (Not Required)

GPS Tracking Panel 6

This is the settings icon, you don’t need to use this, the Titan Investigation team will manage it.

(7) - View Vehicle Movement History

GPS Tracking Panel

This is where you look at the movement of the vehicle historically.
Just choose the date and it will plot it on the map.

GPS Tracker Route History

(8) - Titan GPS Tracking Device Command

GPS Tracking Panel 8

This is where we command the device. You don’t need to do this as I’ll manage it.

At current it will report its location every 10 seconds whilst moving and every 4 hours whilst not.

The GPS lost is nothing to worry about, when the vehicle is stationary it will turn the GPS off to save the battery and report its location every 4 hours.

If you have any further questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact the Titan Investigations team.

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