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Titan’s Private Investigator Training courses are designed and delivered in direct response to the requirement for a cadre of locally based and tactically sound operators to meet our demand, our courses will be run within the Midlands area at our training facility located in Nottingham.

Our Courses

Titan Investigations offers a full range of private investigator training courses for both industry beginners and seasoned operatives who want to refresh or broaden their existing skill set.

Course Dates

Surveillance Training - Monday 29/01/2018
Surveillance Training - Monday 05/03/2018
Surveillance Training - Monday 02/07/2018
Surveillance Training - Monday 10/09/2018


Titan’s 5-day Surveillance Course is aimed at students endeavouring to enter into the private/ commercial surveillance industry with little or no previous experience.

Surveillance Course
(5 days)
£800 + VAT (£960)

London Foot Surveillance Training Icon

Specialist Motorcycle Surveillance

Titan’s 5-day Specialist Surveillance Motorcyclist Course is aimed at experienced surveillance operatives who want to specialise in motorcycle surveillance.

Specialist Motorcycle Surveillance Course
(5 days)
£800 + VAT (£960)

Refresher Surveillance Training Icon

Refresher Surveillance

Titan’s 3-day Intermediate Refresher Surveillance Course is aimed at students who have a basic knowledge of surveillance, or those who have previous experience but have not conducted surveillance for some time.

Refresher Surveillance Training
(3 days)
£600 + VAT (£720)

Anti & Counter Surveillance Training Icon

Anti & Counter Surveillance

Titan’s 2-day Anti & Counter Surveillance Course will arm students with the knowledge of how to conduct and identify both surveillance disciplines confidently.

Anti & Counter Surveillance Course
(2 days)
£400 + VAT (£480)

Technical Surveillance Training Icon

Technical Surveillance

Titan’s 1-day Technical Surveillance Course focuses on the deployment and retrieval of vehicle GPS trackers, and familiarisation with the software to conduct a covert follow and create reports.

Technical Surveillance Course
(1 day)
£150 + VAT (£180)

Operational Planning Training Icon

Operational Planning & Reporting

Titan’s 1-day Operational Planning & Report Writing Course is delivered by our former MI5 and Police Counter-Terror Instructors, including professional generic report format that will meet the industry expectation and standard.

Operational Planning & Report Writing Course
(1 days)
£150 + VAT (£180)

London Foot Surveillance Training Icon

London Foot Surveillance

Titan’s 2-day London Foot Surveillance course will equip students with knowledge of how to conduct surveillance within a vibrant capital city delivered by our former MI5 and Police Counter-Terror Instructors.

London Foot Surveillance Course
(2 days)
£400 + VAT (£480)

About Us

Titan Private Investigation was founded by Managing Director Simon Henson, a former Police Detective Sergeant with 17 years of government investigation experience. The majority of Simon’s career in covert policing was spent managing surveillance operations investigating Serious Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism on a National basis.


Since its inception, Titan has grown steadily. In 2017, in response to growing industry demand for high-level surveillance operatives, the company began shifting its focus from being solely operations based on introducing a training arm.


Students will be able to choose from a range of packages from a basic surveillance course, designed for individuals who are new to the industry, to bite-sized short courses focused on continuing professional development (CPD). The CPD courses are aimed at operators who are already working within the sector and simply wish to either refresh or improve their knowledge or learn a new speciality to develop their skill base.


In direct response to the requirement for a cadre of locally based and tactically sound operators to meet our demand, all of our courses will be run within the Midlands area. Our instructors, who range from former government surveillance operatives (Police, Security Service and Military) to seasoned industry professionals, bring a wealth of operational and industry experience. The courses have been devised to provide students with all the knowledge they will require to work at a high level within the private surveillance industry.

Association of British Investigators

Why Choose Titan

Private Investigator Training?

Titan’s courses are designed and delivered by two former government surveillance operatives, with 27 years combined operational experience working on some of the most sensitive operations and against targets who pose a direct threat to National Security.

In addition, Titan has a wealth of private sector surveillance experience which, when combined with government level training and operational expertise, is guaranteed to provide you with all you need to know in order to succeed within the industry.

Titan, being primarily an operational company with an industry renowned reputation, also has the potential to offer employment opportunities to students who, having successfully completed one of our courses and demonstrate the correct attributes and ability.

  • Experience
  • Reputation
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Tradecraft

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