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"Professionalism, Integrity, Discretion and Trust"

VIP Clients

High Net Worth Individual’s Wedding Security.

Titan provided the security for a HNWI and guests. We received the below feedback from the client and his wife who wish to remain anonymous. “The Close Protection Teams have been absolutely fantastic and extremely professional and helpful. Please convey our thanks to them and we look forward to using Titan in the future.”

Corporate Client

Protecting an MD of a company who had a credible threat against him.

Feedback received from a corporate client today who wished to remain anonymous, “Thank you for your professional service today, the cars were gleaming, drivers friendly and the protection staff blended into the environment as if they weren’t there. We will definitely be in touch again.”

Matrimonial Investigations

Proving the infidelity of a suspected cheating partner.

Excellent service. Totally discreet and very professional. Thanks Titan, the results are fantastic!

Corporate Client

Person tracing and asset check services provided to a solicitor-client.

We have required the investigation services of Titan on a number of occasions and have found them to be discreet and professional in every way, we recommend them to all our clients.

Matrimonial Investigations

Gaining evidence of a cheating partner.

I had my suspicions regarding my husband’s infidelity and called on the help of Titan. I’d never used a Private Investigator before and found the whole thing quite daunting. I spoke with Simon who talked me through the various options available to me and tailored it to my budget. I was kept updated throughout the surveillance by Simon who was lovely. They uncovered the truth for me so that I could then make some difficult decisions. Thank you! Can’t recommend enough!!

Corporate Client

A landlord who wished to trace tenants who had absconded after accruing rental arrears.

We used the tracing services of Titan Private Investigation to trace 5 debtors who had accrued rental arrears before departing without a trace. We had previously instructed another tracing company who charged us for their services and after 12 months had not led us any further forward. Titan traced all 5 individuals in 24 hours, served all subsequent judgement and was very competitively priced. We fully recommend Titan Private Investigation.

Matrimonial Investigations

Proving cohabitation of a partner during a divorce.

Hi Simon - excellent work.. thank you… let’s hope it is useful for my barrister and solicitor.

Corporate Client

Investigating a number of corporate thefts at two commercial sites.

The Titan Leicester based team worked closely with their Derby based team on a corporate case for us. Full marks all round for an excellent service.

Corporate Client

Tracing a debtor and serving them with legal process.

Please thank your team for tracing our debtor. We won the case against ********* and have recovered £13,800 in lost rent.

Business Endorsement | Titan Investigations

Business Edorsement

Private Investigator Endorsement

It has to be said that Simon Henson at Titan is one of the most professional Private Investigators I have ever had of working with. We need more like him in the profession. - Timothy Burchell UKPI

Business Endorsement | Titan Investigations

Business Edorsement

Private Investigator Training Endorsement

For all people contacting me in relation to entering the investigative world then I can recommend and fully endorse a surveillance training provider based in the midlands. Nicola Reid - Corporate Investigations

Colleague Endorsement | Titan Investigations

Training Testimonial

Neil Davis - Titan 5 Day Surveillance Course

Since an introduction to Simon a few months ago i have learnt even more and did the Titan 5 day course learning more in 5 days than i did in 3 weeks with a large , apparently reputable surveillance company.

Colleague Endorsement | Titan Investigations

Colleague Endorsment

Ian Connelly - Their integrity and professionalism cannot be faulted.

I have previously worked with some of the investigators who now work within the Titan group. Their integrity and professionalism cannot be faulted and the quality of their work has been nationally and internationally acclaimed. I have no connection with the company but they are the first place I would go if I needed the type of service they provide.

Ben Storey Google Review | Titan Investigations

Google Review

Ben Storey - 5 Star Review

Superb business. So very professional, I honestly couldn’t fault them. Exactly what I wanted.

April Handley Google Review | Titan Investigations

Google Review

April Handley - 5 Star Review

Very professional. Was kept informed every step of the way. I was guided through the process and was very happy with the help received. Cannot recommend enough.

Confidentiality Disclaimer

Titan Private Investigation Ltd takes client confidentiality very seriously and will not disclose our client’s information. As a result, the feedback we receive is sanitised of any personal details such as name and location prior to publication.

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