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GDPR Compliance and Private Investigation

How has the new Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affected the way Investigation Agencies conduct their business? So just what is GDPR? GDPR is the acronym for General Data Protection Regulation which came into force on 25th May 2018. How has it changed the way you...

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Lie Detector or Polygraph Testing Facts

Lie Detector or Polygraph Testing at Titan Investigations Lie Detector Test or Polygraph Testing can be undertaken using Titan Private Investigation’s trained professionals at our Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield and London offices. However, this is a national...

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Do you suspect you have a Cheating Partner?

Suspect you have a Cheating Partner or Cheating Spouse? Cheating Partner, there is nothing worse than suspecting a partner or spouse is betraying you. Wanting to know who, when, how and why? Maybe you deal with it by disbelieving and ignoring the signs? This isn’t...

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Nottingham Counter and Anti-Surveillance

Nottingham Counter and Anti-Surveillance – Are You being followed or suspect your being bugged? Nottingham Counter and Anti-Surveillance Services, discreet and expertly delivered by Titan Private Investigations Ltd highly skilled, government trained professionals....

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Surveillance Methods and Techniques

Surveillance Methods and Techinques deployed by Titan Surveillance is the backbone of private investigation operations and Titan investigators are in the main former government trained having performed their roles for a number of years giving them a wealth of...

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Is my car being tracked by GPS Tracking Device?

Is my car being tracked by GPS? Could there be a GPS Vehicle Tracker deployed? How can I debug my vehicle? Is there a bugging device on my vehicle? These are questions we’re being asked more and more commonly here at Titan Private Investigation. The reason for this...

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Insurance Fraud Investigations

Are you an insurer, loss adjuster or solicitor who instructs surveillance upon suspected fraudulent claimants? Titan’s surveillance operatives are highly skilled in Insurance Fraud Investigations and experienced former government surveillance practitioners who have...

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Physical Penetration Testing Are You Secure?

Physical Penetration Testing How Secure Is Your Business? Physical Penetration Testing is a great way to test the current security processes and protocols that your company employs and to test the compliance of your staff. We’re experiencing that with the introduction...

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