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Is my car being tracked by GPS Tracking Device?

Is my car being tracked by GPS? Could there be a GPS Vehicle Tracker deployed? How can I debug my vehicle? Is there a bugging device on my vehicle? These are questions we’re being asked more and more commonly here at Titan Private Investigation. The reason for this...

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Insurance Fraud Investigations

Are you an insurer, loss adjuster or solicitor who instructs surveillance upon suspected fraudulent claimants? Titan’s surveillance operatives are highly skilled in Insurance Fraud Investigations and experienced former government surveillance practitioners who have...

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Physical Penetration Testing Are You Secure?

Physical Penetration Testing How Secure Is Your Business? Physical Penetration Testing is a great way to test the current security processes and protocols that your company employs and to test the compliance of your staff. We’re experiencing that with the introduction...

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GPS Car Tracking in Nottingham

GPS Car Tracking in Nottingham and the surrounding area. GPS Car Tracking in Nottingham is a relatively inexpensive way of tracking a vehicle covertly for a period of time with the added bonus of the device being removable. This means that you can swap the device from...

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Suspect you have a Cheating Partner in Nottingham?

Do you suspect you have a Cheating Partner in Nottingham? Cheating Partner in Nottingham, studies suggest that men in Nottingham are more likely to cheat than Nottingham women. Results from the Associated Press and the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy found that...

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Employee Moonlighting in Nottingham

Do you suspect a Nottingham based employee of "Moonlighting" being employed elsewhere, in addition to their regular job? This may also be referred to as “Employee Moonlighting” and is more common than you may think, particularly where there is little or no supervision...

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Private Investigator Training Courses

Ever wanted to be a trained to be a professional Private Investigator? Titan Investigations - Private Investigator Training Well, look no further! Titan Investigations are now offering an array of private investigator training courses based at Nottingham Trent...

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Background checks in Nottingham

Background checks in Nottingham and the surrounding area. Titan Private Investigation Ltd is renowned for their professionalism, integrity and discretion, a reputation we’ve been building in Nottingham since 1997. There are many reasons why individuals or corporate...

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