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Intermediate Surveillance Training

Titan’s 5-day Intermediate Surveillance Course is aimed at students endeavouring to enter into the private/commercial surveillance industry with little or no previous experience.

Intermediate Surveillance Course (5 days) – RQF Level 4 in Covert Surveillance Operations qualification

Titan Investigations are the preferred and sole surveillance training provider of the IPI Training Centre. Titan Investigations offer, in partnership with the IPI, an accredited RQF 5 day Intermediate Level 4 Surveillance Course through Skills for Justice. The IPI selected Titan as training partners based on the high quality of the course they deliver, the vast experience and background in surveillance their trainers have both in the public sector followed by the post course support offered to the students. https://ipi.org.uk/training/ 


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£1000 + VAT (£1200)

Basic Surveillance Training Course

Surveillance Course

Titan’s 5-day Intermediate Surveillance Course is aimed at students endeavouring to enter into the private/ commercial surveillance industry with little or no previous experience. Our former Police & Military Surveillance instructors and operatives will teach you the surveillance tactics you will need to become a proficient operative and guide you into this exciting and rewarding industry. You will be advised with regards to tried and tested and equipment and, provided you demonstrate the requisite attributes and ability, you will be introduced to a thriving collective of employers/ operators who are always looking for fresh talent. Students will be awarded with RQF Level 4 in Covert Surveillance Operations qualification on successful completion of this course.

The Level 4 Award in Covert Surveillance Operations (Intermediate) is a qualification designed to develop and provide formal recognition of learners’ knowledge, understanding and competence of surveillance techniques. This is an on-line and 5 day attendance course. 

Skills for Justice Awarding Organisation require individuals to be able to read and write using the English language at Level 3 standard or where English is not their first language to produce a certificate of IELTS equivalence in order to be registered for an Award.

Please note:
If students wish to gain the RQF Level 4 qualification then a £100 admin fee is required on completion of the course which will be payable to the Institute of Professional Investigators (IPI).

Who will benefit from Titan’s Surveillance Course?

  • Those who are new to the investigation industry and wish to learn surveillance tradecraft
  • Those who instruct surveillance, (e.g) insurers, loss adjusters and solicitors who would benefit from surveillance know how
  • Those working for Local Authorities in an investigative role
  • Close Protection Operatives who have received the very basic surveillance training/ knowledge during their CP course and wish to sidestep into the SV industry
  • Commercial Investigators

Surveillance Course Syllabus

1: Surveillance Law
2: Principles of Surveillance
3: Radio & Mobile Communications
4: Cover Stories
5: Subject Indentification/strong>
6: Foot surveillance

  • Foot surveillance as a team and solo
  • Glossary/ Voice procedure
  • Distancing
  • Use of cover
  • Loss procedures

  • Close control
  • Plotting

7: Public Transport
8: Anti-Surveillance
9: Mobile Surveillance

  • Glossary/ Voice Procedure
  • Plotting
  • Convoy system
  • Stop and plot
  • Loss procedure

10: Motorcycle Surveillance
11: Stop & Plot
12: Plotting Car Parks
13: Evidential Footage
14: Loss Procedures
15: Motorway
16: Static Observation Points
17: Evidential Logs

  • Reconnaissance
  • Operational Orders
  • Briefings

19: Report Writing
20: Technical Surveillance

Simon Henson - Senior Instructor
Simon brings a wealth of operational and training experience to Titan’s surveillance courses. He began his 17 years Police service in 1997 where he quickly diversified into the covert world, operating as a surveillance operative/investigator.

As a Detective Sergeant, he managed surveillance operations Nationally combatting Serious Organised Crime (SOC) before moving into Counter-Terrorism. Simon spent many years engaged in combatting terrorist attack planning both in the UK and abroad working in the following roles;

  • Special Branch Detective Sergeant
  • Operations Room Manager
  • Counter Terrorist Intelligence Unit (CTIU)
  • Intelligence Manager (CTIU)
  • Surveillance Team Leader (CTIU)

Having overseen the development and training of probationary CTIU Surveillance Operators, Simon is perfectly placed in being selected to co-author and deliver Titan’s Training Courses. Since leaving the Police, Simon has been working worldwide within the top tier of the commercial surveillance sector.

Brian Collins - Instructor
Brian has 30 years’ experience in Law Enforcement as a Detective Sergeant and Senior Manager. The majority of his service was focussed on investigating organised criminality. He specialised in investigations incorporating conventional, technical and rural surveillance working in Force Major Crime Units, Regional Crime Squad, National Crime Squad and a Government Agency. Since retiring in 2014, Brian established his own successful investigation business focussing on surveillance and workplace investigations. Brian is also the Deputy Principal at the Institute of Professional Investigators. Brian holds a training qualification and delivers training in a variety of covert investigative tactics, professional investigators course and Safeguarding.
Guy Cooper - Instructor
Much of Guy’s thirty-year police career was dedicated to specialist and covert operations including surveillance and particularly human source management and control at local, regional, national and international levels in the national security and domestic extremism environment within Special Branch and the counter-terrorism intelligence network. On retirement from the police service, Guy retrained as an instructor and SIA Licenced Door Supervisor and Close Protection Operative and worked with UHNW clients in the Caribbean, Monaco, mainland Europe and the UK.
More recently Guy has worked freelance as a close protection operative, surveillance operative and investigator in the commercial sector and has built a client base for OSINT research and analysis and operational briefing for high profile events and UHNW clients.
Charlie - Instructor
A former Special Forces operator and surveillance instructor who served for 24 years and who has 8 years working within the top tier of the commercial surveillance industry both Nationally and Internationally.

Course Fee

Intermediate Surveillance Course (5 days)

Call 07852 540296 for payment details

£1000 + VAT (£1200)

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