46.1% of Men & 37.4% of Women will have an Affair

Is your partner unfaithful?

Titan Investigations are experts in uncovering the Truth

Titan’s Sheffield Private Investigators are highly trained and have a great deal of experience with successfully investigating matrimonial and infidelity cases in and around Sheffield and throughout South Yorkshire. With a rapidly increasing amount of enquiries from worried individuals that fear their husband, wife or partner are having a workplace or illicit affair Titan Investigation’s Sheffield private investigation team can get you fast results with 100% confidentiality.

Titan Private Investigations are able to rapidly deploy fully trained surveillance operatives and or equipment covertly throughout Sheffield and surrounding South Yorkshire area to quickly confirm or refute your suspicions. Titan Investigations can also operate Nationwide if required.

Our Sheffield private investigation services are very discreet, affordable and extremely effective. Hire a leading Sheffield private investigator today and call Titan on 0114 3032426 or 07852 540296. We’ll find the answers you need to set your mind at rest.

More information and advice can be found by reading our guide on how to spot the tell tale signs when you suspect your partner has cheated on you or is having an illicit affair.

Call Titan’s Sheffield Private Investigation team confidentially on 0114 3032426 or 07852 540296 today for a free unlimited confidential consultation.

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Cheating Parter? Call Sheffield Private Investigators Titan Investigations
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Cheating Partner?

Has your partner’s behaviour towards you changed recently? Are they suddenly more vain, spend more time grooming or purchasing new clothes? Are they spending more time at work, maybe overnight stays away from home or are protective over their mobile phone. These behaviours are all traits of infidelity. If you have suspicions that your partner is being unfaithful and want conclusive evidence then call Titan Private Investigation.

With  19 years investigative experience we are well versed with the law, evidence gathering techniques, with the utmost integrity and professionalism. 

Workplace Affair?

We spend most of our time within the workplace and it can be a breeding ground for infidelity.

Whether it’s the end of year party, office Christmas celebration, a leaving do or just a work night out, when office flirting and built up sexual tensions are fuelled by alcohol relationships can form and grow.

We will provide you with the answers to your questions in the form of hard evidence. Don’t be left in the dark with niggling suspicions, call Titan’s team of Sheffield Private Investigators fully confidentiality on 0114 3032426 or 07852 540296 today.

Hiring an Investigator?

We advise you to use a private investigation company that;

* Only employ surveillance operatives who have undergone a professionally recognised training programme.
* Have both Private Indemnity & Public Liability Insurance.
* Possess both overt and covert cameras.
* Provide you with a comprehensive surveillance report and offer you all of the unedited video footage.
* Are ISO9001 registered (Quality Management).
* Only conducts ethical & lawful investigations which don’t encroach on privacy laws.

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