How To Protect Your Business From Employee HR Problems With Bespoke Private Investigation Solutions

Titan Private investigation Limited is a long-standing investigation agency which is reaching out to HR Professionals and Employment Law Solicitors. We are a company that specialises in helping companies with their Employee HR Problems and corporate investigations with national coverage. We have nine offices located in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield, and we have over 260 investigators Nationwide.
We are reaching out to HR Professionals and Employment Law Solicitors as we wish to increase the current employee investigations cases that we deal with.

The following two cases are the most intensive and intrusive investigations that we have carried out; however demonstrate the professionalism and results that can be sought through a thorough investigation. Throughout the investigations, proportionality and necessity were monitored and formed justification to either continue or cease the investigation. All of our evidence was collated lawfully, and our daily surveillance reports form an exhibit and are fully admissible in a court of law or tribunal.

Bespoke Corporate Investigations Employee HR Problems | Titan Investigations

1.Corporate Senior Management Investigation Case Study London

Titan’s London office received a call from a large London based corporation who believed that one of their Directors was acting in direct conflict with his role but needed evidence whether this was the case. It was suspected that the Director was potentially mentoring 2 employees who formerly worked for the business before being made redundant. They were directly managed by the Director whilst they worked for the company, and they appeared to have an inappropriately close relationship with the Director which had been noticed by a number of employees. The previous employees had incorporated a company operating in the same industry as our client and there was a worry that sensitive information such as stakeholder details could be divulged, and introductions made. The Director had direct access to this information and due to the inappropriate relationship between the former employees it was a genuine concern.

Titan Investigations met with the client for a free, confidential consultation away from our London office due to the high profile of the client to ascertain the full information, agree an investigation plan, intentions, the subject’s work schedule and a budget.

A period of surveillance was agreed over the period of a week when all work commitments, off site meetings and social events would be evidenced utilising a team of highly skilled surveillance operatives in an array covert of vehicles.
The surveillance commenced in Central London and initially there was a lot of downtime waiting for the subject of the enquiry to leave the confines of the work address. During this time the multiple exits of the work premises are eagerly monitored whilst the rest of the team wait like coiled springs. This is probably the hardest period for any surveillance team, remaining alert and not gaining attention from 3rd parties or worse still, the Police.

The operation was a complete success and the team acted remarkably, remaining professional at all times, recording the subject’s meetings and gaining video evidence to back up the evidential log and final report.
We were able to not only evidence association between the subject and the former employees, but also the mentorship, introduction to key stakeholders, website development, representing the newly incorporated company at networking events, and an extra marital relationship with one of the former employees which was no doubt his motivation.

Final outcome:
The Director was removed from the business after being found guilty of gross misconduct at an employment tribunal, shares purchased at a reduced value and a contract preventing contact with the company’s clients and stakeholders for 12 months.

Employee HR Problems Director Playing Golf While He Should Be Working | Titan Investigations

2. Corporate Senior Management Investigation Case Study Manchester

Our Manchester office received a call from a company who had suspicions about one of their Directors who was in a self-managed role and there was little if any monitoring on his working day. Since the Pandemic the Director was only attending the office one day a week and the rest of the week was working from home. His diary was full each week with various client meetings all over the country, however expense claims had changed from claiming train fares to vehicle mileage.
We planned to commence five days of observations during the working day Monday to Friday to identify locations visited and any associations. We were astounded by his actions! The majority of the working week was taken up by playing golf and visiting a gym each day with the odd Teams meeting either at home or in his vehicle outside the gym or in the golf club car park.

Titan then were in talks with both the employer and Solicitors in regard to our findings on week one and formed an investigation plan. A further eight weeks of surveillance were carried out, choosing to perform observations for 5 days in a row over 1 week every month. The proportionality and necessity had to be monitored throughout and once we had evidenced a regular pattern of the Director’s extracurricular activities the surveillance was terminated.

Final outcome:

The Director is awaiting a gross misconduct hearing and additional legal action.

Employee HR Problems, Who do I contact for further information?

One of Titan’s dedicated corporate investigations team are awaiting your call which will be treated in the utmost confidence. Titan offers our Corporate and Private Investigation Services throughout London and nationally; we can be contacted as below.

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