Titan releases its 2020 Private Investigator Training Courses

Investigator Training Courses 2020 Schedule – Titan Investigations is now offering an array of private investigator training courses based at our Nottingham City Centre Training Facility. By far the most popular private investigator training course is our 5 Day Surveillance Training Course written specifically for newcomers to the industry and will equip the students with everything they need to know to succeed in this exciting industry.
In 2017, in response to growing industry demand for high-level surveillance operatives, the company began shifting its focus from being solely operations based to introducing a training arm to the business. This is a non-profit making venture which enables us to meet operational demand. Our instructors are former Special Forces and Police Surveillance Instructors and together have devised a 5-day intensive course based as close as possible to the government National Surveillance Course. There are areas of the government course which are irrelevant in the private sector and have therefore been omitted to keep the course content relevant.

Private Investigator Training

What are the dates of the 5 Day Surveillance Training Course in 2020?

  • 10th-14th February 2020
  • 4th-8th May 2020
  • 14th-18th September 2020
  • 7th-11th December 2020

How much can a surveillance operative earn?

This is completely dependent on your availability, flexibility and ability. On a self-employed basis acting as a subcontractor, if you’re willing to work hard there’s no reason why you can’t earn large sums of money. The average daily rate of pay is anything from £250 to £350 or an hourly rate of £25 per hour plus mileage.

Private Investigator Training Information

How much is Private Investigator Training?

The course is an intensive five-day surveillance course where the instructors will extend the training day if required to ensure that you reach the required Titan standard. The instructor to student ratios is 1:3 offering close supervision throughout the course which costs £900 plus VAT (£1080). At the time of writing, this is the cheapest UK delivered investigator training course and in our opinion the best by far for value for money, instructor expertise and relevant content.

Investigator Training Courses 2020 | Titan Investigations

Why choose Titan over other private investigator training providers?

Titan’s Private Investigator Training Courses are designed and delivered by five former government surveillance operatives, with 131 years combined government operational experience working on some of the most sensitive operations and against targets who pose a direct threat to National Security.
In addition, all of our instructors also have countless years of experience in the commercial sector working within the top tier of the industry which brings the reality of the sector you wish to work within and will guarantee your success.
Titan, being primarily an operational company with an industry renowned reputation, also has the potential to offer employment opportunities to students who, having successfully completed one of our courses and demonstrate the correct attributes and ability. 
Our GROW student aftercare is becoming renowned within the industry and as a result, has attracted a lot of attention from students who have completed courses with other training providers who were promised work which came to no avail.

So what is Titan GROW?

GROW is our student aftercare acronym which stands for:

GROUP – Students are added to Titan’s operational resourcing group where they will be allocated their first surveillance tasks.

RECOMMEND – Advised as regards equipment, setups, tactics and the law.

ONGOING SUPPORT – Students are allocated a mentor to instil success in the early stages of their career when you are judged the most.

WITH YOU – Double crewed on your first live operational deployments to ensure your confidence grows.

Learn more about our GROW student aftercare by clicking on the below link:

GROW Student Aftercare

Our Private Investigator Course Trainers

Senior Instructor: Simon Henson

Simon brings a wealth of operational experience to Titan’s surveillance courses. He began his Police service in 1997 where he quickly diversified into the covert world, operating as a surveillance operator/investigator and specialist surveillance motorcyclist. He operated within serious organised crime and latterly counter-terror on a National basis.

In the commercial sector, Simon has worked within the top tier of the industry-leading operations worldwide.

Instructor: Brian Collins

Brian has 30 years’ experience in Law Enforcement as a Detective Sergeant and Senior Manager. The majority of his service was focussed on investigating organised criminality. He specialised in investigations incorporating conventional, technical and rural surveillance working in Force Major Crime Units, Regional Crime Squad, National Crime Squad and a Government Agency. Since retiring in 2014, Brian established his own successful investigation business focussing on surveillance and workplace investigations. Brian is also the Deputy Principal at the Institute of Professional Investigators. Brian holds a training qualification and delivers training in a variety of covert investigative tactics, professional investigators course and Safeguarding.

Instructor: Guy Cooper

Much of Guy’s thirty-year police career was dedicated to specialist and covert operations including surveillance and particularly human source management and control at local, regional, national and international levels in the national security and domestic extremism environment within Special Branch and the counter-terrorism intelligence network.

On retirement from the police service, Guy retrained as an instructor and SIA Licenced Door Supervisor and Close Protection Operative and worked with UHNW clients in the Caribbean, Monaco, mainland Europe and the UK.

More recently Guy has worked freelance as a close protection operative, surveillance operative and investigator in the commercial sector and has built a client base for OSINT research and analysis and operational briefing for high profile events and UHNW clients.

Instructor: Iain Robertson

A former Police surveillance instructor in foot, mobile and the specialist surveillance motorcyclist role bringing 30 years of government experience. The newest instructor to join the Titan training team who has a wealth of operational experience investigating serious, organised crime syndicates and counter-terror.

Instructor: Charlie

A former Special Forces operator and surveillance instructor who served for 24 years and who has 8 years working within the top tier of the commercial surveillance industry both Nationally and Internationally.

How do I find out more or book onto a private investigation and surveillance training course?

Watch our Titan 5 Day Surveillance Training Course Video
5 Day Surveillance Training Course

You can call and speak to one Titan Investigations dedicated Surveillance and Private Investigator Training Courses Team by contacting one of our 7 offices nearest to your location.

London Private Investigator Training – Call our London Office 020 39046622
Birmingham Private Investigator Training – Call our Birmingham Office 0121 7162442
Leeds Private Investigator Training – Call our Leeds Office 0113 4574066
Sheffield Private Investigator Training – Call our Sheffield Office 0114 3499400
Nottingham Private Investigator Training – Call our Nottingham Office 01159 646950
Derby Private Investigator Training – Call our Derby Office 01332 504256

Leicester Private Investigator Training – Call our Leicester Office 01162 436520
Cambridge Private Investigator Training – Call our Cambridge Office 01223 662022

Alternatively, contact us directly using our fully confidential online form and one of the Titan’s Training Team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat facility.

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