Titan Investigations GPS Vehicle Trackers

We provide you with a professional GPS Vehicle Tracker solution, responding discreetly and quickly whatever your requirements throughout Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and nation wide if required.

Who may need a GPS Vehicle Tracker?

There are many reasons why you may require a GPS Vehicle Tracker;

  • To monitor the usage of a company vehicle
  • To identify if an employee is associating with your competitors
  • To check your partner is where they say they are
  • To monitor a partner’s suspicious activity
  • To protect assets
  • To monitor a newly qualified driver’s speed and behaviour
  • The list is endless

GPS Vehicle Tracker

Is it well hidden?

The GPS Vehicle Trackers come in all shapes and sizes dependant on how long you need it to monitor a vehicle’s activity for. The average tracker will last at least 2 months before needing a charge or swapped with another tracker. This sort of tracker is ideal for most of our client’s needs. However if you are looking for long term usage then the trackers are bigger to cater for the battery size.
Titan Private Investigation’s GPS Vehicle Trackers are deployed by professionally trained operatives who have deployed hundreds on operations nationwide. We pride ourselves on the fact that we have never had a GPS Vehicle Tracker compromised or discovered, even when the subject vehicle has been in a garage for repairs.

Will you need access to the car?

We’ll simply need to know where the vehicle will be parked. Leave the rest to the professionals. We don’t need the keys or access to the vehicle.

Is it Lawful?

We are frequently asked this question and our professional staff are happy to advise you. Yes it is but there are exceptions such as;

  • If the vehicle is a company vehicle then the employees should be made aware that company vehicles are or maybe tracked.
  • The vehicle should be in a public area unless the vehicle is parked in an area that you have full or part ownership/rights. This avoids any civil trespass allegations.

For example, if your partner’s vehicle is parked on your driveway then you can give us permission.

How will I be updated where the vehicle is?

We will send you the link to an application for your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or computer. All you need to do is simply upload it and you can then monitor the GPS Vehicle Tracker live time or when you have time to sit down and look at where it’s been. It will report its location, speed, direction and status up to every 10 seconds if you wish, you have complete control. At the end of each day or week you will be sent a file by email with all of the GPS Vehicle Tracker’s coordinates, this is dictated by your needs.

How much does a GPS Vehicle Tracker cost to hire?

Titan Private Investigation deploys GPS Vehicle Trackers for a minimum of a week at a time. We charge £350 per week and £200 per week thereafter. We DON’T charge to deploy or retrieve the devise and DON’T require a hefty deposit which is returned on the safe retrieval of the GPS Vehicle Tracker like other companies.

GPS Vehicle Tracker Derby – Call 01332 650029

GPS Vehicle Tracker Nottingham – Call 01158 242244

GPS Vehicle Tracker Leicester – Call 01163 260777

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