Do you have a Manchester cheating partner, suspect your being cheated on?

Manchester cheating partner, are concerned or worried that your partner might cheat on you this Christmas? The festive period has arrived, and we are already experiencing the annual increased demand for matrimonial investigations regarding Manchester cheating partners. Titan is an established investigation agency which specialises in surveillance, both corporate and private. With our 9 offices located in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Leicester, Leeds, Nottingham, and Sheffield we have a National reach. The majority of our operatives are from a former government background although we are a UK surveillance training provider and further develop our students by employing them on appropriate surveillance tasks.

Types of Cheating Partners in Manchester

There are 2 types of investigation relating to Manchester Cheating Partners.

The first, is where you are aware of when your cheating partner has the opportunity to cheat. We deploy a minimum of 2 surveillance operatives to monitor and record your cheating partner’s movements by utilising covert cameras. Video evidence is irrefutable! This will evidence who they associate with, the location and their body language. You will be allocated a Manchester case officer who will keep you updated as to any developments throughout the deployment. Within 24 hours of the deployment terminating you will receive a comprehensive report which includes images taken from the video footage captured. This report is admissible in any future court appearances if you decide to take such action.

Further information in relation to surveillance can be found below,

More information:

Manchester Cheating Partner | Titan Private Investigation Ltd

The second type of Manchester Cheating Partner investigation is when you are unsure as to when your cheating partner has the opportunity to cheat, and they have access to a vehicle. On your instruction we will covertly deploy a GPS Vehicle Tracker to their vehicle which will allow live monitoring. The device records all of the vehicles locations so this can be interrogated after the event or as it’s happening. We will provide you with access to the GPS Vehicle Tracker so that you can monitor its movements at your leisure. At the end of the tracking period we will provide you with a download of all the tracking data so that you have a hard copy for future reference if so required.
The GPS Vehicle Tracker will identify the locations the vehicle attends and will allow you to see any discrepancies.

Is There a Possibility the GPS Vehicle Tracker Will Be Found?

The GPS Vehicle Trackers are expensive so the last thing we want is for them to be found and potentially destroyed. They are deployed covertly and are unlikely to be located even if the vehicle goes into a garage and is inspected on ramps. However, if you think there is a likelihood that the driver may suspect a GPS Vehicle Tracker could be deployed then they may engage with a specialist like us to locate and remove the device. In these circumstances we’d advice that a tracker isn’t deployed. To date we have never had a device compromised or located.

So What Information Do Titan Need?

We will require the following information:

  • Make, model and registration of the vehicle
  • The location the vehicle will be parked overnight
    • Are GPS Vehicle Trackers Legal?

      In the UK vehicle GPS Vehicle Tracking is legal as long as;

      • The technician isn’t required to trespass in order to deploy or retrieve the device
      • The intention is not to stalk, harass, alarm or distress the individual
      • There are no legally binding orders in place prohibiting the monitoring

      Further, advise on GPS Vehicle Trackers can be found at the below link,

      More information:

      Suspect a Cheating Partner in Manchester?

      For further information please call one of Titan’s expert Manchester Private Investigation team for a confidential free consultation.

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