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Titan’s London person tracing service is a powerful and reliable tool for locating individuals with a success rate of 99%.

Titan Private Investigation Ltd is a long-standing professional investigation and training agency whose managing director has been involved in investigations since 1997, some 25 years. A company that you can trust and has the expertise, knowledge and resources to carry out your instructions proficiently and with discretion and integrity.

Why might an individual wish to trace someone?

There are a number of reasons why someone may instruct Titan Investigations to carry out a London person tracing and, as a responsible investigation agency, we will vet all trace requests to ensure that the information we hand over isn’t intended to be used inappropriately.

A individual or company may wish to trace;

  • Debtor
  • For the purpose of serving legal documents
  • Long lost friends
  • Family member
  • Biological parent
  • People met whilst on holiday and wish to keep in touch
  • Son or daughter after a family breakdown
  • Former partner
  • Rogue trader
  • Missing person

London Person Tracing & Missing Persons | Titan Investigations

These are just some reasons and certainly not only limited to these examples.

What information is required to commence a trace?

We request as much information as you have. However, generally we only require the individual’s;

  • Christian and surname
  • Date of birth, year of birth or approximate age

If you possess a previous address for the individual, this is desirable but not essential, particularly if they have a common name, as this enables us to pinpoint them and trace them from that point on.

What is an impossible trace?

  • We have been requested to trace individuals who use a pseudonym to hide their real identity, but this is unknown to the tracer upon instruction.
  • Females who marry and don’t keep their maiden name or individuals who change their name since they are known to the tracers.
  • Individuals who move from property to the property of acquaintances, otherwise known as ‘sofa surfing’ within the industry.
  • No details of the individual other than a telephone number, in most cases, is difficult but not impossible.

How long does a London person tracing take?

In almost every case, we advise that the process takes no longer than 24 hours from receiving the fee to providing the result.

How much does a London person trace cost?

Titan Investigations charges £250+VAT (£300) which, if we are unsuccessful, is fully refunded on a no trace no fee basis.

Where are you able to trace individuals?

Titan has the ability to trace individuals in the UK and abroad within developed countries. We have nine offices located in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield, which enables our national UK reach.

For more information, our London Person Tracing service page can be navigated through the below link.

Titan Investigation Person Tracing

People Tracing Who should I contact?

One of Titan’s dedicated person tracing team is available to speak to you at one of the offices below;

London Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations London Office 02039046622
Birmingham Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations Birmingham Office 01217162442
Cambridge Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations Cambridge Office 01223662022
Derby Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations Derby (Head Office) 01332504256
Leeds Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations Leeds Office 01134574066
Leicester Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations Leicester Office 01162436520
Nottingham Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations Nottingham Office 01159646950
Manchester Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations Office 01613023008
Sheffield Person Tracing – Call the Titan Investigations Sheffield Office 01143499400

Alternatively, contact us by email at enquiries@titaninvestigations.co.uk or use our fully confidential contact form and one of our team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat directly with one of our London Person Tracing Team.

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