Are the Greater Manchester Police Service effective any more when dealing with minor crimes in Manchester?

Manchester Crime Investigation carried out by Titan Investigations experienced Manchester Private Investigations and our expert Surveillance Operations Team. Titan Private Investigation Ltd as 9 operational offices located in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Leicester, Leeds, Nottingham, Sheffield and now in Manchester. The majority of our operatives are from a former government background although we are a UK surveillance training provider and further develop our students by employing them on appropriate private investigation and surveillance tasks.

Titan’s Managing Director Simon Henson is a former Detective Sergeant with 17 years of loyal Police service, so isn’t one to criticise the Greater Manchester Police knowing what a difficult job it is and the effect that austerity measures have had on the service. However, time and time again Titan has clients approach them regarding matters within the Police remit but are told, “It’s a civil matter!”

Over the years Titan have taken on more and more Police investigations, conducting the initial enquiries to gain evidence of a crime and then packaging the case up for the authorities. Due to Titan’s strong links with the Police and knowledge of lawful evidence gathering and retention of exhibits, our cases are criminally and civilly water tight.

Manchester Crime Investigation Examples

We can give endless examples of this? What are your thoughts… Criminal or Civil?

1. An employee is given a company vehicle to conduct business on behalf of their employer. The employee is made redundant and refuses to return the vehicle and company property contained therein. The company contacts the Police and reports the vehicle as stolen with a named offender. The Police refuse to take the case on and state that it’s a civil dispute.

Action conducted by Titan
Titan monitor the individual’s home address by conducting surveillance however there are no sightings of the vehicle. Associated addresses of the former employee are identified, however there are also no sightings of the vehicle. The former employee is observed and his movements recorded which leads to the vehicle being identified in an unassociated garage. Recovery is arranged and possession regained by our client.

Criminal or Civil?

2. A client allows an employee to stay within a residential house due to their personal circumstances which is owned by the company. The employee stays a number of weeks before leaving. On inspection of the house once the employee has moved out it is discovered that the contents of the house amounting to a cost of in excess of £20000 has been removed. The company rings the Police to report a theft to be told it’s a civil dispute.

Action conducted by Titan

Titan trace the employee to an address and monitor and record her movements. The stolen items are located within a storage compound and the Police are informed whist the surveillance team conduct continued observations to ensure the integrity of the stolen items. Police refuse to attend to recover the stolen items after deciding it’s a civil dispute.
So, an analogy; if you are to stay in a hotel for a night and leave with the items within the room the following morning, would this be construed as a civil case? I’d personally expect to be arrested.

Criminal or Civil?

Manchester Crime Investigation Drug Dealer Arrest | Titan Investigations

3. A resident within an apartment block reports a neighbour is suspected by a neighbour of selling prohibited drugs and has visits throughout the night which is perceived by our client to be anti-social behaviour due to the noise and constant disturbance. The Police are called and no action is taken. A number of weeks pass and the client calls Titan out of desperation.

Action conducted by Titan

Surveillance is conducted utilising one operative to perform static observations in the evening. The resident in question is constantly in and out of their apartment meeting visitors arriving in vehicles and handovers between the visitors and resident are evidenced. Vehicle number plates and identities of all parties are all recorded.

Criminal or Civil?

4. A patient has items stolen whilst they are being treated for an illness in an NHS hospital. A member of staff is suspected of being responsible for the theft. The Police are called and it is deemed a civil dispute.

Action conducted by Titan

CCTV and voluntary statements requested but denied by all involved.

Criminal or Civil?

Whilst the deeming of potential criminal cases as civil; or no action by the authorities is advantageous to the Private Investigation industry, it does little to restore faith in the UK’s Police Service by the public.

Have you been subject to a potential criminal act and require Titan’s investigation services?

Are you being effected by minor crimes in Manchester

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