Are you in need of Protective VIP Surveillance Services?

Last bank holiday Sunday, 4th May 2019, saw yet another professional chaperone/ protective surveillance deployment of a Premiership footballer whilst visiting Nottingham for a night out in the vibrant city. Do you have a security requirement whilst visiting a UK city?
Titan’s offices are based in London, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and Leeds, although this service is offered Nationwide. Previous Protective Surveillance tasks have been successfully conducted in Birmingham within the West Midlands, London and Manchester.

What is Protective Surveillance?

Protective Surveillance is the covert monitoring of a VIP/ principal however remaining close enough to react and aid if required.

Titan Investigations will engage with the client and identify an itinerary of venues that wish to be frequented during the evening. We liaise with the venues and work closely with them to ensure firstly that they are aware of the presence of the VIP, but also to assess the level of security that they have in place. We study the layouts of the venues so our operatives are familiar with exit routes and safe areas where the VIP can be guided to if so required. We provide a bespoke service to suit the requirements of the client. This may be a single personal protection operative (PPO) working in conjunction with the venue’s security personnel or a team of PPO’s. The overtness of our operatives is also guided by the client’s requirements. Some client’s wish for our operatives to blend into the background but close enough to intervene if required, however, others may require an overt presence to act as a visual deterrent. Whatever your requirements may be Titan will facilitate your needs.
All of Titan’s operatives are SIA Close Protection trained, licenced and insured.

Titan’s Close Protection Services can assist with: 

  • Corporate security
  • Private individuals (who believe to have a credible threat)
  • VIP’s
  • MP’s and Foreign Dignitaries
  • Security whilst travelling

Residential security gives you peace of mind that your home, family and assets are safe from any threat such as burglary, robbery or more serious offences. This comprises of security personnel being present at your home, ideally for 24 hours a day to maintain consistency, either within the home, grounds or monitoring the entry points to the grounds. The personnel can either be overt to deter any potential offenders or covert so that their presence is not obvious. We are able to deploy a team at short notice for long or short term requirements.

Protective Surveillance & Close Protection Services | Titan Investigations

Who do I call for Protective Surveillance Services?

Further information regarding our Protective Surveillance services can be found by visiting our Close Protection page.

You can contact Titan’s Protective Surveillance & Close Protection team by contacting one of Titan Private Investigations Ltd’s 6 offices located across the UK.

London Protective Surveillance – Call Titan Investigations London Office 020 39046622
Cambridge Private Investigator – Call Titan Investigations Cambridge Office 01223 662022
Derby Private Investigator – Call Titan Investigations Derby Office 01332 504256
Nottingham Private Investigator – Call Titan Investigations Nottingham Office 01159 646950
Leicester Private Investigator – Call Titan Investigations Leicester Office 0116 2436520
Sheffield Private Investigator – Call Titan Investigations Sheffield Office 0114 3499400
Leeds Private Investigator – Call Titan Investigations Leeds Office 0113 4574066

For more information or advice about our Protective Surveillance and Private Investigation Services, you can contact us directly using our fully confidential contact form and one of our dedicated team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat directly with one of our Private Investigators.

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