Surveillance Methods and Techinques deployed by Titan

Surveillance is the backbone of private investigation operations and Titan investigators are in the main former government trained having performed their roles for a number of years giving them a wealth of operational experience and knowledge of the law. Titan Private Investigation Ltd is a professional, established agency which has been involved in investigations since 1997. Our offices are based in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield and London giving us a National reach. Titan’s Private Investigators are also regularly deployed Internationally in all manner of covert operations.

Titan Surveillance Types

There are 4 main types of surveillance that we are instructed to perform on a daily basis. These are;
Mobile Surveillance
Foot Surveillance
Static Surveillance
Technical Surveillance

Mobile Surveillance

Mobile surveillance is the covert following of a vehicle which utilises a minimum of two operatives in separate vehicles. The reason we recommend a minimum of two is to share their exposure to the subject, ensuring it is covert and reduces the risk of a compromise. We can deploy a mobile covert surveillance team at short notice Nationally in either cars, vans or motorcycles depending on the requirements of your specific case. As a client, you will be assigned a case investigator who is responsible for managing the case and keep you fully informed prior to, during and after the deployment.

All our evidence is gathered lawfully and admissible in a court of law for any legal proceedings if so required. Within 24 hours of the deployment end, you will receive a concise report outlining the subject’s activity which includes still time and date stamped images from the surveillance footage taken. The unedited video footage is also available to you if you so wish.
Mobile surveillance is utilised by both private and corporate clients and below we’ve listed some common requests we receive.

Mobile Surveillance Method | Titan Investigations

  • Private Clients
  • Matrimonial investigations
  • Cheating partners
  • Child protection
  • Cohabitation enquiries
  • To locate a home address
  • Pattern of life
  • Evidence criminal behaviour
  • Proving association
  • Corporate Clients
  • Absenteeism
  • Moonlighting
  • Association with a competitor
  • Fraud
  • Sick leave
  • Fraudulent accident claims
  • Idle workers
  • Identify pattern of life

Cost: £50 per operative per hour with a minimum deployment period of 5 hours.

For more information visit our Surveillance service page by clicking the below link.
Titan Investigations – Surveillance Service

Foot Surveillance

This is where a subject is believed to not have access to a vehicle and the requirement is to follow them on foot and or public transport. We recommend a minimum of two operatives to be able to deploy tactics to remain covert and reduce the risk of compromise.

Cost: £50 per hour per operative with a minimum deployment time of 5 hours.

Static Surveillance

It is sometimes possible to gather the information you need from a static position, from a surveillance vehicle or nearby building. Again, the case investigator will keep you fully informed of developments as they unfold and our professional evidence gathering process means everything we collate can be used in court and withstand scrutiny. This utilises one surveillance operative and by the nature of the title, ‘static’, we do not move away if the subject leaves the address. This purely watches a location and gathers video evidence of visitors entering and exiting. The most common reason for utilising this tactic is in cheating partner cases and proving cohabitation.

Cost: £50 per hour with a minimum deployment time of 5 hours.

Electronic Surveillance

GPS Car / Vehicle tracking devices are a covert method of recording the movements of a vehicle 24 hours a day. GPS Tracking is a relatively inexpensive way of tracking a vehicle covertly for a period of time with the added bonus of the device being removable. This means that you can swap the device from vehicle to vehicle if the subject has access to multiple vehicles. Unlike the hard-wired variety of GPS trackers, there’s no need for us to have access to the vehicle in the daytime or the need for the keys, plus you’re not tied into a lengthy contract.

Why would you use our GPS Car/ Vehicle Tracking Service?

There are many reasons, however just a few may be:

  • You want to be able to track your vehicle in the event it is stolen.
  • You want to monitor the use of a company vehicle.
  • You believe you may have a cheating partner and want to monitor the vehicle’s movements.
  • You believe an employee is sleeping on the job instead of making deliveries.
  • You believe an employee is meeting with competitors.
  • You believe an employee is working elsewhere.
  • You believe a partner isn’t being truthful as to where they visit.
  • The devices are deployed by our highly trained operatives and we won’t need the keys to the vehicle or you to be present, just let us do what we do best.
  • Is your partner at a different location to the one they say they are at?
  • Is an employee using the company vehicle for personal use, maybe another job, or not at a location they should be?

Cost: GPS Car/ Vehicle Tracking are deployed on a weekly basis at a cost of £350.

For further information on GPS vehicle trackers visit our GPS Tracking service page by clicking the below link.
Titan Investigations – GPS Vehicle Tracking Service

Surveillance – Who do I contact?

One of Titan’s Private Investigation team is awaiting your call which will be treated in the utmost confidence. Titan Investigations offers this service nationally or can be can be contacted or visited at the locations below;

Private Investigators Derby (Head Office) – Call 01332 650029

Private Investigators Nottingham – Call 0115 824 2244
Private Investigators Leicester 
- Call 0116 326 0777
Private Investigators Sheffield – Call 0114 3032426
Private Investigators London – Titan Private Investigation London Office Call 020 31371150

Alternatively, contact us directly by email at or use our fully confidential contact form and one of our team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat with a Titan Investigations team member.

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