Manchester Lie Detector Tests. The eyes don’t lie!

Manchester Lie Detector Tests using ‘EyeDetect’ can see through deception by analysing eye behaviour. The same scientists that invented the computerised polygraph developed this new integrity testing technology. The science team includes the world’s foremost experts on polygraph techniques. For almost a century, the polygraph has been the only viable solution within the field of truth verification, but after over 12 years of research, scientists have developed a different, yet equally effective solution that can be used in the commercial world as an integrity testing tool.

How does deceit affect the body?

Deceit causes subtle changes in the behaviour of the eye due to increased cognitive load. EyeDetect uses a precision optical scanner to measure subtle changes and combines the measurements in a mathematically optimal manner to detect deception. The polygraph measures emotional responses to questions; EyeDetect evaluates changes in cognitive load associated with deception. Deception is more cognitively demanding than being truthful.

First, deceptive thinking requires planning, comparison, and execution of purposefully incorrect responses. The extra vigilance required by deception results in increased cognitive workload, which is reflected in increased question response errors, increased question response time, and an increase in overall reading and re-reading time.

Second, deception requires caution and strategy. As such, general indicators of processing difficulty are revealed such as;

  • Question response time,
  • Pupil diameter,
  • Number of fixations while reading.

Manchester Lie Detector Test EyeDetect | Titan Investigations
Initial and delayed processing difficulty is shown when taking a first pass, and then a second time when reading is affected. The two technologies can provide independent sources about truth and may be used in combination to great advantage in some applications.

Why is EyeDetect the revolutionary lie detector method?

Innovative – EyeDetect monitors subtle changes in the eyes to see truth.

Fast Results – The test takes just 30 minutes to conduct and the results are available in 5 minutes. The traditional Polygraph Test takes a minimum of 2 hours.

High Accuracy – At least 86% accuracy.

Nonintrusive – There are no cables or sensors attached to the examinee.

Flexible & Portable
– Adaptable to the client’s needs and completely portable meaning that examinees aren’t required to attend a test centre.

Multilingual – Tests are available in various languages.

– If you are a business and use this method for screening, we can test up to 40 examinees in one day.

Results – The results are ready within 5 minutes of completing the test.

Titan have 9 offices located in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Manchester giving us a National reach. Our professional Manchester Lie Detector Tests operatives will attend your home address, office or the examinee can attend one of our 9 locations.

Lie Detector Tests Testimonial

A recent client left the following feedback.

“At the end of my tether, following nearly five years of accusations, I Googled Polygraph Tests in the hope of finally putting the rumours to bed. Titan Investigations stood out as it was the one that looked more legitimate than the others. I called the number and changed my mind and hung up. I then received a call back. I spoke to a call taker and explained my situation and asked if I could have a test to prove my innocence ASAP. He got back to me that day, but I was still in two minds.
The next morning, I bit the bullet and rang Titan whilst on the school run and paid my fee at 8:40am. The examiner arrived at my home address at 11:30am. I explained I was nervous, and he went through what was going to happen. He made sure I was comfortable and understood before I started. I had a seven-month-old baby whilst the others were at school, and naturally she decided to kick off whilst I was in the process of completing the test. You can’t stop once you’ve started the test, so the examiner entertained her.
What I would say is if you can get someone to look after the children then that will help, but certainly won’t affect the outcome of the test.
I was worried as I had read how people had taken similar tests and had been telling the truth, but the test didn’t reflect this. If you are telling the truth, you have NOTHING to worry about. I wish I had done this years ago. It would have saved me a lot of stress and arguments. I was also told by the call taker and the examiner that in their experience, when people are being accused, it is likely that their partner is the one who has something to hide.
I was sent a report too. I was also told that they were more than happy to discuss the report and findings with anyone that needed clarification as to what then test showed, with my permission of course.
Professional, accommodating, understanding and fast. I literally cannot fault the service.”

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