What is ‘Bug Sweeping’?

Bug Sweeping is the use of highly technical equipment by specialist operatives to detect covert listening devices and video recording equipment. This service and devices may also be referred to as;

  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
  • Spy Equipment
  • Covert Cameras
  • Eavesdrop
  • Wire Tap
  • Phone Tap
  • Listening Devices

Bug Sweeping – What Does a Covert Listening Device Or Camera Look Like?

Covert listening devices, spy equipment, and cameras come in many different disguises, shapes, and sizes. There are two main types, those that are hard wired and those that have an independent power source. The hard wired versions can monitor for long periods of time unless detected as long as there is a power supply to the building. The devices with an external power source have a limited life and are a much shorter term. The perpetrator will require access to your premise, so, first of all, it’s worth identifying who has this capability. If it’s a high profile or high net worth individual who is the victim, then it’s worth considering the perpetrator may have hired the services of a covert method of entry specialist (CMOE), bribed concierge or someone who can allow access.
You may have received a gift from the perpetrator, such as a new mobile phone, light, alarm clock or similar item which has the device implanted within it. It could simply be that a mobile phone charger, plug or light socket has been replaced with the device disguised within it.
Our operatives are all former government operators who are well versed in technological advances and have received the highest possible training, they can quite rightly call themselves professionals in this field.

Bug Sweeping Listening Device | Titan Private Investigations
Who May Need A ‘Bug Sweeping’ Service?
The list is endless but some scenarios where Titan have searched for listening devices and spy equipment are listed below:

  • A partner who wishes to monitor the movements and conversations of a lover. This may be advantageous to the perpetrator if a divorce is being negotiated and the settlement is likely to be a large sum.
  • A high profile person or of high net worth.
  • A person who owns a second home which has been left empty for a period of time.
  • A company operating in a highly competitive industry.
  • A business involved in sensitive areas of industry.
  • Companies involved in the development of innovative products that competitors would benefit from having knowledge of.
  • An individual who is subject to legal action.
  • A tenant who wishes to ensure that their landlord /lady isn’t a voyeur.

How Do We Perform a Bug Sweep?

Titan Private Investigation have a team of specialist former government operatives who use professional equipment of the highest technological quality to ensure that we identify all covert listening devices during the bug sweeping process. We utilise 2 operators to conduct:
An assessment of overlooking buildings which would afford a view to record movements and trigger a potential surveillance team laying in wait.
A fingertip search of all rooms identified which includes physical inspection of electrical sockets, light fittings, and switches, air vents, voids, and appliances.
A sweep of all rooms using;

  • Spectral Analysis Detection
  • Near-Field Transmitter Locator
  • Non-Linear Junction Detector
  • GSM Locator

After the ‘Bug Sweeping’ is completed and all listening devices and spy equipment have been removed, you’ll receive a comprehensive report containing imagery of the service.

How Long Does The ‘Bug Sweeping’ Take?

This is completely dependent on the amount of rooms that need to be searched and their size. An example of a recent case is where we were instructed by a client to sweep a two bedroomed London apartment. We were requested to focus our attention on the master bedroom, kitchen, lounge and entrance hall which took our operatives 4 hours to inspect and remove devices.

Our Professional Bug Sweep Service!

Titan Private Investigation Ltd offers a world renowned TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter Measures) or better known as a ‘Bug Sweep’ service. With our offices based in London, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, and Sheffield, we are able to offer national coverage. Our clients are both corporate and domestic. We offer competitive pricing and only utilise former government professionals.
Many ‘Bug Sweep’ services rely on ‘on the job’ theatrics to look like a professional service is being administered. Here at Titan, we only utilise the highest quality equipment used by the most highly trained operators.

Bug Sweeping Who Do I Contact?
Titan Private Investigation’s dedicated ‘Bug Sweeping’ team are awaiting your call, whether it be to simply offer advice or to take instruction. All forms of contact will be treated in the utmost confidence. Titan offers this service throughout London, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield and surrounding areas. We also offer our Bug Sweep and Private Investigation services both nationally and internationally and can be contacted or visited at the locations below:

London Bug Sweep Service – Call our London Office 020 31371150
Derby Bug Sweep Service – Call our Derby Office 01332 650029
Nottingham Bug Sweep Service – Call our Nottingham Office 01158 242244
Leicester Bug Sweep Service – Call our Leicester Office 0116 326 0777
Sheffield Bug Sweep Service – Call our Sheffield Office 0114 3032426

Alternatively, you can contact us by email on enquiries@titaninvestigations.co.uk or get in touch with directly using our fully confidential contact form.

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