Manchester stalking and harassment cases rise through the pandemic.

Manchester stalking and harassment, are you or have you been subject to this type intimidation?

Nationally in 2019 there were 27,156 stalking cases recorded by the Police. The COVID-19 Pandemic has seen a massive increase in recorded cases which in 2020 was in excess of 80,000 and this is believed to have increased further during 2021.

So Why Have Reported Stalking and Harassment Cases Risen?

One theory is that individuals have had more time on their hands during the Coronavirus Pandemic whilst being furloughed or working from home.

Another theory would be that the Pandemic has caused mental distress for many and caused them to act irrationally and out of character.

Personally, we believe austerity has played a massive part in the increase. Many Police forces just don’t have the ability to attend or take positive action. Many forces have adopted the decision not to issue warnings to nip stalking and harassment cases in the bud.

We were the victim of blackmail and harassment offences from an individual earlier in the year. These crimes were reported to the Police with named offenders and there the police investigation ended. It was crimed as two separate offences but no further action was taken. This then ensued into civil action which is expensive and still ongoing, however is looking likely to end in court action.

Manchester Stalking and Harassment Cases Worried Woman Victim | Titan Investigations

How Can Titan’s Manchester Private Investigators Help Me?

Titan has a National reach with our nine offices located in Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Cambridge and London. We have the ability with former law enforcement knowledge to create a bespoke investigation plan to evidence the stalking offence.

It may be possible to gain the evidence through surveillance or counter surveillance if you believe your stalker is following you.

More info: Counter Surveillance

It may be that they have deployed tracking devices on your vehicle or listening devices within your home/ office. In this scenario we can perform bug sweeps to locate and remove said items.

More info: Bug Sweeps

It maybe that you require a security survey of your property or office.

More info: Security Surveys

It may be that the stalking is via written notes or letter.

More info: Graphology Services

It may be that you wish to track the location of the Manchester stalker so you know where they are.

More info: GPS Tracking

Whatever the method utilised to stalk you as a victim, we will devise an investigation plan to gain the evidence allowing you to provide pass it on to the authorities to take further action.

The BBC have recently released an article focusing on the rise in stalking cases during the COVID-19 Pandemic which may be of interest.

More info: BBC News

Who Do I Contact For Further Information About Manchester Stalking and Harassment?

For further information please call one of Titan’s expert advisors for a confidential consultation.

London Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations London Office 02039046622
Birmingham Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations Birmingham Office 0121 7162442
Cambridge Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations Cambridge Office 01223 662022
Derby Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations Derby (Head Office) 01332 504256
Leeds Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations Leeds Office 0113 4574066
Leicester Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations Leicester Office 0116 2436520
Nottingham Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations Nottingham Office 0115 9646950

Manchester Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations Office 0161 3023008
Sheffield Stalking and Harassment – Call the Titan Investigations Sheffield Office 0114 3499400

Alternatively, contact us by email at or use our fully confidential contact form and one of our team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat directly to one of our Manchester Private Investigators.

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