Reasons you might require Titan’s Counter Surveillance in London Services?

So what is Counter Surveillance in London, who and just why you might require it?

Conventional human surveillance is the process of recording the movements and behaviour of a subject either covertly or overtly. Counter Surveillance is the process of detecting covert surveillance and, when done correctly, it is almost impossible to evade detection.

Who might need Titan’s London Counter Surveillance Services?

In a nutshell, anyone who has a reason to be followed. The list is endless, but it could be any of the following reasons;

  • A person who lives or works in London in a position of trust or power, such as a politician, company director, celebrity or footballer. Any information gleaned of an inappropriate nature could be used as a tool to blackmail or damn them.
  • Someone who is vulnerable or likely to be a victim of crime, such as a high net worth individual or someone who has control of assets.
  • A person suspected of or having an affair in London.
  • Would a commercial competitor want to gain intelligence as to your business activities.
  • Anyone who suspects they are being followed and wants confirmation.
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      Counter Surveillance in London, So how do we do it?

      Our London Surveillance operatives are all professionally trained by either law enforcement agencies or the military and have developed their field craft over a number of years. We will study your current routine, perform recces of these areas and then deliver a specific route for you to undertake. This route will include transitions from busy and quiet and funnel any potential surveillance team through numerous check points where all vehicles will be logged. Our team will be monitoring for multiple sightings of the same vehicles, occupants and profiles to confirm whether you are the subject of surveillance or not. Our Counter Surveillance in London services is always performed in a covert manner, meaning that the surveillance team won’t be aware that they have been detected. This then allows us to control, monitor and limit what information they gain.

      Is it expensive?I think the Metropolitan Police are following me and want to know for sure?Titan Investigations Counter Surveillance Services

      Who do I contact for Counter Surveillance information?

      Titan Private Investigation has offices based in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield. However, we provide both national and international coverage if required by the client.

      One of our London Counter Surveillance team is awaiting your call which will be treated with the utmost confidence and discretion. Titan Private Investigations Ltd can be contacted or visited at one of our nine office locations below;

      London Surveillance Office – Call 020 39046622
      Birmingham Surveillance – Office Call 0121 7162442
      Cambridge Surveillance – Call 01223 662022
      Derby Surveillance (Head Office) – Call 01332 504256
      Leeds Surveillance – Call 0113 4574066
      Leicester Surveillance Office – Call 0116 2436520
      Nottingham Surveillance Office – Call 01159 646950
      Manchester Surveillance – Call 0161 3023008
      Sheffield Surveillance Office – Call 0114 3499400

      Alternatively, contact us by email at or use our fully confidential contact form and one of our London Private Investigations and Surveillance team will get right back to you or chat directly using our Live Chat facility.

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