Graphology or Handwriting Comparison in London

Forensic Graphology Analysis or Handwriting Comparison in London for corporate and legal businesses and private individuals. Titan’s London Graphology Services and Forensic Handwriting Analysis is a careful and minute examination of writing, commonly referred to as a writing system. A writing system is a defined set of graphic signs used to represent units of language through specific, structured and commonly accepted rules.

Titan Private Investigation’s London based examiners are all members of the British Institute of Graphologist’s (BIG) and thoroughly observe the documents in question to draw expert conclusions which are admissible in tribunals, civil and criminal courts. This includes verifying the authenticity of documents. Our examiners will look for similar and dissimilar features in the anonymous document or signature and handwriting of the suspect and compare them with the known handwriting or signature including erasures and indentations.

Titan Investigations have offices based in London, Birmingham, Cambridge, Derby, Manchester, Leeds, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester and Sheffield. However, we have a national reach.

Have you or your London based business been the victim of forgery, malicious or hate mail?

Our graphologists are here to help and advise you. We have successfully worked on cases with Solicitors, Loss Adjusters, Insurance Companies, Local Councils, Human Resource Departments and Private Clients.

For further information, visit Titan’s Graphology service page by clicking on the below link.

Titan Graphology or Handwriting Comparison Services

Why would you use our London Graphology Services?

  • To prove your innocence in an alleged forgery.
  • To prove a will has been maliciously altered.
  • To ascertain whether a document has been tampered with or altered.
  • To confirm the authenticity of a signature.
  • To prove a medical assessment has been altered.
  • To identify the author of a malicious letter or hate mail.
  • To verify an insurance claim.
  • An individual is denying that they signed a contract.

Handwriting Comparison in London Experts | Titan Investigations

We work with many private and corporate clients to unearth the truth with regard to whom the genuine author is.

Will the London Graphologist’s finding be admissible in a court of law?

Absolutely. All of our London based graphologists are qualified and treated as professional witnesses. There are 2 types of report available.
The first will outline the Graphologist’s findings and prove why this is the case. There is no reason why this report cannot be exhibited and submitted as evidence to a court if so required, and we would recommend this report be instructed.
The second type of report is a formal statement which is purely intended for a criminal investigation.

How much will a Graphology Report cost me?

A standard report will cost £350+VAT (£420).
A statement intended for a criminal case will cost £900+VAT (£1080).
The general lead time from instruction to receiving the report is one week.
After analysis, the Graphologist will form their conclusion using the following qualitative scale.

Conclusive evidence
Strongly probable


Probably did not
Strongly probable did not

Handwriting Analysis – Range Of Opinions

Identification – definite conclusion of identity (requires originals to be examined)
This is the highest degree of confidence expressed by handwriting examiners in handwriting comparisons. The examiner has no reservations whatever, and although prohibited from using the word “fact”, the examiner is certain, based on evidence contained in the handwriting, that the writer of the known material actually wrote the writing in question.

Strong probability (highly probable, very probable)
The evidence is very persuasive, yet some critical feature or quality is missing so that an identification is not in order; however, the examiner is virtually certain that the questioned and known writings were written by the same individual.

The evidence contained in the handwriting points rather strongly toward the questioned and known writing having been written by the same individual; however, it falls short of the “virtually certain” degree of confidence.

Indications (evidence to suggest)
The writing has few features which are of significance for handwriting comparison purposes, but those features are in agreement with another body of writing. This opinion needs to be accompanied by additional limiting words such as “may have” or “but the evidence is far from conclusive” to ensure that this opinion is understood to be weak.

No conclusion (totally inconclusive, indeterminable)
This is the zero point on the confidence scale. It is used when there are significantly limiting factors, such as disguise in the question and/or known writing or a lack of comparable writing, as is the case here. The examiner does not have a leaning one way or another.

Indications did not
This carries the same weight as the indications term. It is a very weak opinion.

Probably did not
The evidence points rather strongly against the questioned and known writings having been written by the same individual, but, as in the probable range above, the evidence is not quite up to the “virtually certain” range.

Strong probability did not
This carries the same weight as strong probability on the identification side of the scale; that is, the examiner is virtually certain that the questioned and known writings were not written by the same individual.

Elimination (requires originals to be examined)
This, like the definite conclusion of identity, is the highest degree of confidence expressed by the document examiner in handwriting comparison. By using this expression the examiner denotes no doubt in his opinion that the questioned and known writings were not written by the same individual.

Graphology or Handwriting Comparison in London – Require further information?

One of Titan Investigation’s dedicated London handwriting analysis teams is awaiting your call, which will be treated with the utmost confidence. Titan Investigations offers our Corporate and Private Investigation Services throughout London and, nationally; we can be contacted as below;

Graphology & Handwriting Comparison London – Call Titan Investigations 020 39046622
Graphology & Handwriting Comparison  Birmingham – Call Titan Investigations on 0121 7162442
Graphology & Handwriting Comparison  Cambridge – Call Titan Investigations 01223662022
Graphology & Handwriting Comparison Derby (Head Office) – Call Titan Investigations 01332 504256
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Graphology & Handwriting Comparison Leicester – Call Titan Investigations 0116 2436520
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Alternatively, contact us by email at or use our fully confidential contact form and one of our team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat with us about our graphology and handwriting comparison in London services.

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