Dognapping in London is now on the increase!

Dognapping in London as seen an alarming increase throughout the Coronavirus Pandemic. In our latest newsfeed we are focusing on the increase in “dognapping” and what you can do to protect your precious family pet dog.

Shocking new figures have revealed that an estimated 2,438 dogs were reported stolen last year (2020), up 19% from 2019, with just a devastating 22% reunited with their owners. When combined with puppy prices increasing during the Pandemic by 450% is makes dognapping a lucrative business.

This will feature on ITV’s talk show “This Morning” on Thursday 17th June 2021 where they will discuss Ceilidh Barclay’s dognapping experience when her beloved Bull Terrier, Eco was stolen from a London park whilst being walked in the early hours off his lead.

There is also an interesting documentary on Vice’s YouTube channel entitled “The gangs that steel puppies.”

What is London Dognapping?

Dognapping is the theft of a much loved family pet which may occur covertly, such as steeling from a garden whilst unattended, or overtly stealing it in your presence.

So why do dognapping in London happen?

Dognappings happen for many reasons and dogs may change hands multiple times after being stolen. This makes them even harder to locate. Thieves often steal dogs hoping to make money off of them by offering a ransom or to collect a reward. Some cases are more sinister such as using the stolen dog to breed puppies with to create large amounts of revenue.

Four tips on how to keep your dog safe in London.

  1. Never leave your dog unattended in public places or in your garden.
  2. Unattended dogs are easy targets for dognappers.

  3. Prepare for the unfortunate event of your pet being dognapped.
  4. Hopefully this never happens, however you’ll need to prove your dog belongs to. Microchip your dog and ensure that your contact information is up to date with your microchip company or vets. Thieves could remove a collar and tags, but microchips are permanent forms of identification for your dog.

  5. Hire professionals when it comes to pet-care providers. In recent years, there have been several high-profile cases of dogs going missing while in the care of dog sitters. Only hire responsible, insured and trusted pet-care providers and always check references before hiring a walker, day care or sitter.
  6. Use caution with overly curious strangers. Be very guarded with your dog’s information. Sometimes, dognappers will try to determine how much a dog is worth and if they’re spayed or neutered before taking them.

Dognapping In London Parks | Titan Investigations

What do you do if your pet is dognapped?

  1. Call the Police and utilise the assistance of anyone in the area who can immediately assist you.
  2. Find witnesses and note their contact details. This may be of use later on when investigating the identity of the thieves.
  3. Reach out for help on social media by posting images of your dog on your personal profile and by joining local groups.
  4. Contact the media. Local radio and television are able to offer coverage and spread the word. This may lead to identifying the location of your dog and also stop other pets being stolen by increasing vigilance.

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How can Titan’s London investigations team help?

Titan Investigations are professional investigators and have been involved in investigation since 1997, some 24 years. With Titan’s nine offices located between London and Manchester we have a National reach.
We have specialist investigators who will thoroughly investigate your case with the intention of locating and returning your loved family pet home.

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