Corporate Investigation Case Study

Titan Private Investigation was contacted by a large national corporate client who was experiencing theft and interference with equipment used to measure seismic activity below the ground over a 25 mile square area. The thefts were mainly happening during the hours of darkness and conducted by organised activists opposed to the testing and who were not short in numbers.

The thefts and equipment tampering had cost the company in excess of £100,000 and had severely disrupted operational capabilities and efficiency, costing £100,000’s in lost time and labour.

The company utilised large teams of mobile patrols to deter and disrupt the thefts, however, the thefts and tampering continued, costing the company further in assets and lost time.

Titan’s researchers conducted crime pattern analysis to identify hotspots and future target locations, taking into account the topography of the land and demographics.

An area 1 mile square was identified as a future location to be targeted by the vandals or activists. Covert rural observation posts were constructed in the area utilising 8 of Titan’s specialised CROP operatives equipped with night vision optical recording equipment, GPS tracking devices and night vision drones deploying under the cover of darkness.

Night Vision Gogggles Corporate Investigation
Night Vision Googles used by Titan CROP operatives in this Corporate Investigation

Within 72 hours an orchestrated theft of over 100 devices was conducted within the area of observations and the perpetrators were surveilled to a residential address. The operatives remained covertly deployed placing a cordon around the property containing the thieves and recording any movement until the police arrived some 5 hours later.

Ariel Drone Footage Corporate Investigation
Actual Aeriel Drone Footage taken during surveillance operations on this Corporate Investigation

A search of the house and associated vehicles identified the stolen property and evidence of further crimes that had been committed. The occupants were all arrested and questioned regarding the offences and are now being dealt with by the criminal justice system. Titan’s input didn’t cease there though. Due to our employment of former police surveillance specialists, researchers and file preparers, we then exhibited all of the technical and video evidence in accordance with the Criminal Procedure & Investigations Act 1996 and the Criminal Disclosure Act 2008.

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