You’ve heard of Valentines Day but have you heard of Mistress Day?

Cheating Partner Birmingham will you be caught out this Mistress Day? Mistress Day is 13th February, the day before Valentine’s Day when men entertain their mistresses so that they can spend the big day with their legitimate partner.

This is the ‘Urban Dictionary’ definition.

“The day before Valentine’s day typically reserved for a man taking out his mistress or girlfriend. On Valentine’s Day, a man is “required” to take out his wife or steady girlfriend. However, the restaurants, bars and clubs are packed on February 13th for the better-looking women in a man’s life.

Mistress Day gifts are typically always jewellery and lingerie, while Valentine’s day gifts are chocolate and teddy bears.”

Do you suspect you have a Birmingham cheating partner?

14th February 2020, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. Sadly, for some couples, this is a time when anxiety and insecurity are heightened due to the fear of a cheating partner. Don’t worry though as Titan’s Birmingham Private Investigators can help. If you’re ready and strong enough to face the possible reality of truth then contact Titan. We will provide you with irrefutable evidence that will either confirm your worst fears or simply allow you to move on in the knowledge that your partner is faithful.

Cheating Partners In Birmingham | Titan Investigations

How does Titan conduct cheating partner investigations in Birmingham?

There are 2 types of Birmingham cheating partner investigations, however, Titan will design a bespoke package to meet your requirements.

Cheating Partner – Option 1

The first scenario is designed for when you don’t know when the opportunity is there or happening. If your partner drives, then we would advise deploying a GPS vehicle tracker on his/her vehicle which will record all locations visited. We fit the GPS vehicle trackers prior to the date in question and will give you access to the tracker once deployed which will allow you to monitor the movement of the vehicle live time or historically. At the end of the deployment, you will receive a hard copy of all of the data that the tracker has recorded. This will allow you to gain intelligence as to when he/she may have liaisons and then be able to deploy surveillance to gain irrefutable evidence.

Titan GPS Vehicle Tracker

How much does this cost?

GPS vehicle trackers cost £350 per week plus VAT.

Cheating Partner – Option 2

The second method of investigating a Birmingham cheating partner is when you are aware of when your partner has the opportunity to cheat,
In this scenario, Titan deploys a minimum of 2 surveillance operatives to record the movements, associations and body language of your partner. You will receive a report outlining his/ her movements within 24 hours of the termination of the surveillance which will include still images taken from the video footage obtained throughout the deployment.

Titan Surveillance

How much does this cost?

Surveillance costs £50 per hour per operative plus VAT and we deploy for a minimum of 5 hours at a time. After the 5 hours, you may decide to extend the deployment hour by hour which is completely acceptable. It may be that you know that you require surveillance for 12 hours; this is also fine.

What are the signs of a cheating partner in Birmingham?

Read our guide to ‘What are the signs of a Birmingham cheating partner’

Titan what are the signs of an affair

Who do I contact to catch a cheating partner in Birmingham this Valentine’s Day or Mistress Day?

One of Titan Investigation’s dedicated Cheating Partner team is awaiting your call which will be treated in the utmost confidence. Titan offers this Cheating Partner Service throughout Birmingham and Nationally; we can be contacted as below;

Cheating Partner Birmingham – Call Titan Investigations on 0121 7162442
Cheating Partner London – Call Titan Investigations 020 39046622
Cheating Partner Cambridge – Call Titan Investigations 01223662022
Cheating Partner Leicester – Call Titan Investigations 0116 2436520
Cheating Partner Nottingham – Call Titan Investigations 0115 9646950
Cheating Partner Derby (Head Office) – Call Titan Investigations 01332 504256
Cheating Partner Sheffield – Call Titan Investigations 0114 3499400
Cheating Partner Leeds – Call Titan Investigations 0113 4574066

You are also able to email via our fully confidential contact form and one of our dedicated team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat directly with one of our Birmingham Private Investigators are waiting to discreetly discuss your requirements.

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