Have you ever wanted to be a Private Investigator?

Well now is your chance with our new private investigator training courses! Titan Private Investigation Ltd are delivering various private investigator training courses out from its base at Nottingham Trent University’s City Centre Campus. The majority of a Private Investigator’s work is surveillance, whether that be for corporate clients or private ones. This may be why our most popular course by far is Titan’s 5 Day Basic Surveillance Course. This course teaches candidates how to covertly follow subjects on foot, vehicles and public transport. We still have spaces on our next 2 courses which will be held on;

Basic Surveillance Training – Monday 29th January 2018
Basic Surveillance Training – Monday 5th March 2018

How do I find out more about your Private Investigator Training Courses?

Simply click on the link below which will navigate you to our training pages which will detail course costings, our syllabus and all you need to know:

Titan Private Investigator Training Courseswww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigator-training

So, who are Titan Private Investigation?

Titan Private Investigation was founded by Managing Director Simon Henson, a former Police Detective Sergeant with 17 years of government investigation experience. The majority of Simon’s career in covert policing was spent managing surveillance operations investigating Serious Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism on a National basis.

Since its inception, Titan has grown steadily. In 2017, in response to growing industry demand for high-level surveillance operatives, the company began shifting its focus from being solely operations based on introducing a training arm. Recently a former Government surveillance operator/ instructor, came on board to co-plan/ develop a programme of courses aimed at novices and more experienced operators alike. In early 2018 the Titan Training Arm will be launched.

Students will be able to choose from a selection of packages ranging from a basic surveillance course, designed for individuals who are new to the industry, to bite-sized short courses focused on continuing professional development (CPD). The CPD courses are aimed at operators who are already working within the sector and simply wish to either refresh or improve their knowledge or learn a new speciality to develop their skill base.

In direct response to the requirement for a cadre of locally based and tactically sound operators to meet our demand, all of our private investigator training courses will be run within the Midlands area. Our instructors, who range from former government surveillance operatives (Police, Security Service and Military) to seasoned industry professionals, all bring a wealth of operational and industry experience. The courses have been devised to provide students with all the knowledge they will require to work at a high level within the private surveillance industry.

Private Investigator Training Courses Basic Surveillance | Titan Investigations

Why choose Titan Private Investigator training over other training providers?

Titan’s training courses are designed and delivered by two former government surveillance operatives/instructors, with 27 years combined operational experience working on some of the most sensitive operations and against targets who pose a direct threat to National Security.

In addition, Titan has a wealth of private sector surveillance experience which, when combined with government level training and operational expertise, is guaranteed to provide you with all you need to know in order to succeed within the industry.

Titan, being primarily an operational company with an industry renowned reputation, also has the potential to offer employment opportunities to students who, having successfully completed one of our courses and demonstrate the correct attributes and ability.

Private Investigator Training Courses – Who is eligible enrol on the courses?

Anyone! The only essential criteria are that you hold a full driving license with less than 9 points.

Why chose Nottingham for our Private Investigator Training Courses?

  • Titan Private Investigation is based in the Midlands with offices located in Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Sheffield and London. Nottingham is easily accessible by road, rail and air; making it a superb choice of training location within the East Midlands.
  • Titan’s Private Investigator Training Centre is conveniently located within easy reach of the M1 motorway, only one mile from Nottingham Train Station – where students can travel 90 minutes direct from Central London – and within a 30-minute drive of East Midlands Airport.
  • Chosen for its metropolitan ambience and varied infrastructure, Titan’s foot training is predominantly based in Nottingham City Centre, which boasts a full quota of public services and transportation making it the ideal location in which to learn/ practice foot surveillance.
  • Nottinghamshire County is again the ideal backdrop in which to practice mobile surveillance as it provides versatility through easy access to rural areas, airports, and motorway networks. Training designed/ based around complex environments such as these will provide students with the knowledge and adaptability to be able to operate in most city, urban and rural settings.
  • Training Centre Location – Our lectures are all held at Nottingham Trent University offering modern and discreet learning environments in which to teach the range of diverse elements that make up surveillance tradecraft and theory.

What is the likelihood of gaining employment on completion of the course and what sort of salary can I expect to earn?

This is a commonly asked question by our prospective students who express an interest in enrolling on the surveillance course. Titan are an operational company and the reason for developing a training program is 2-fold;

  • Firstly, in an attempt to raise the standards of this unlicensed and unregulated industry. There are far too many individuals who have a glossy website produced, buy a camera and state that they are a surveillance operative. They have no formal training, can’t make a living solely from this type of work and give the industry a bad name.
  • Secondly, Titan are growing massively and will get to a point where we can’t resource the demand from our clients. There is, therefore, a direct call for more surveillance operatives to join our 115 strong team.

As regards salary, this depends entirely on how available you make yourself and whether you are willing to travel or remain local to where you are based.
Titan has a national and international reach although its routes are truly grounded in the Midlands. This year we have resourced international taskings in Spain, France, Dubai, India, Hong Kong and Africa.

Titan Private Investigator Training Courses – Will I achieve a formally recognised qualification?

Our course is co-authored by 2 highly trained and experienced government operatives/instructors with a combined service of 27 years. One is from a Police background tackling Counter Terror and the other from Government Surveillance. The course trainers are also from this background, are qualified instructors and have many years of commercial experience.

Titan doesn’t need to hide behind a level 3 or 4 BTEC qualification. Our credibility as a training provider comes directly from the calibre of our training staff and the wealth of operational, commercial and training knowledge that they bring to the table. This has enabled us to undercut other UK based training providers and in our opinion, provide a much more superior course with real employment opportunities post-course.

Private Investigator Training Courses – Register Interest

To register your interest in enrolling on our training courses you either contact us via our confidential contact form or talk to us directly using Live Chat. There is also contact form at the bottom of each of our private investigator training course pages.

You can find more information about our individual private investigator training courses, course syllabus and training location at our website private investigator training section.

Titan Private Investigator Training – Call our Nottingham Office on 01158 242244
Titan Private Investigator Training – Call our Derby Head Office on 01332 650029

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