Employee Investigations, why do Employees Steal?

Within the workplace there is inbuilt situational crime prevention, whether that be CCTV, access control or physical security. Employees will identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in these over time and therefore have an opportunity to potentially bypass them. If an employee has the rationalisation and motivation they have all the elements to commit theft or fraud. This can be seen below in the fraud triangle.
Employee Investigations - Fraud Triangle

Titan Private Investigation Ltd have a team of employee investigators who are well versed in handling employee investigations in the Derby, Nottingham and Leicester area. We are happy to handle the investigation in its entirety or small elements of it, whatever you as the client requires. You may require a covert surveillance, the use of covert cameras or GPS tracking equipment to safeguard assets. Whatever your requirements Titan will have a solution which is legal and moral to gain the results you require.

How do you Conduct a Workplace Investigation?

Make a Plan

Once a complaint has been made it’s easy to get carried away and start organising interview dates. Take a step back and consider;

  • Who will investigate?
  • What will be investigated?
  • What evidence needs to be collected?
  • Who will be interviewed?

Be objective

Don’t ignore the complaint from a person who has made a complaint before or treat them with less credibility. The 10th time they come to you, you should still listen to them as if it were the first. Don’t form an opinion before the investigation is complete, pass judgment or form an opinion based on personal feeling or prior dealings.

Avoid aggressive tactics

Ask straightforward questions to get straightforward answers, and always be respectful. Lawsuits can be avoided if there is a perception of fairness and respect that is delivered across the board.

Be quick but thorough

While HR professionals have many demands on their time, it’s critical to investigate an allegation quickly. You need to make it a priority and set the time aside.
Stretching employee investigations out over a lengthy period tells employees the alleged misconduct isn’t important.

Maintain confidentiality

Encourage all those involved in the investigation to keep the proceedings confidential to protect the integrity of the process. If word leaks out, other employees will lose trust and might refuse to share what they know.

Reach a conclusion

Ultimately, the investigator must weigh the evidence and conclude whether company policies were violated or misconduct occurred. In a criminal trial, prosecutors must prove “beyond a reasonable doubt” that an act occurred. However, the standard for workplace investigations is “the preponderance of the evidence.” Is it more likely than not that the incident occurred?

Follow up

Submit the findings to the decision-maker who will determine what disciplinary action to take.
Notify the employee who made the complaint that action was taken, even if details can’t be shared for privacy reasons.

Employee Investigations, who do I contact?

Titan’s offices are based in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham, however we have a National reach due to our central location. One of Titan’s dedicated Employee Investigations team are awaiting your call are ready discuss, advise and help with your problem. Titan also offer this service nationally and can be contacted or visited at our office locations below;

Derby (Head Office) 01332 650029
Nottingham Office 0115 824 2244
Leicester Office 0116 326 0777

Alternatively contact us direct using our confidential contact form.

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