How to spot a Cambridge Cheating Partner or Unfathful Spouse.

Cambridge Cheating Partner, studies suggest that men in Cambridge are more likely to cheat than Cambridge women. Results from the Associated Press and the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy found that 22% of men admitted they’d been a cheating partner at least once during their marriage and 14% of women admitted the same.

So, what are the signs of an affair or spotting a Cheating Partner in Cambridge?
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Titan Investigations – What Are The Signs Of An Affair

So when will a Cambridge Cheating Partner most likely cheat on you?

82% of men who cheat on their partners, do so within the weeks and months after childbirth.

A cheating partner is extremely distressing at the best of times but oddly enough, one of the most common times for a man to cheat in a marriage is in the weeks and months following the birth of his first child. It seems like such an odd time to have an affair but for many men, it is exactly when they do cheat on their wives or partners for the first time. Why now? Why cheat during a time when they should be celebrating a new life together?

This is a truly shocking statistic and we’ve all witnessed some of the strongest couples who you’d never think of having marital problems falling apart close to the birth of their first child due to cheating partners having affairs.

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Cambridge Cheating Partner – So what factors may cause 82% of cheating men to stray at this time?

There are many reasons why men behave this way and below is not an exhaustive list but some of the findings of both Titan Private Investigation and experts on this subject matter.

  • Lack of sex – perhaps the sexual appetite of your partner isn’t being fulfilled so there’s a desire to seek satisfaction elsewhere.
  • Changes in the female’s body may result in less sexual attraction or maybe due to a recovery period needed after the trauma of child birth.
  • Attraction changing to protection – no doubt mother and child are the most precious 2 people in the world and the sexual attraction towards your partner shifts to protecting her.
  • Seeing your partner as a mother and not a lover.
  • Change in family dynamics.
  • Financial pressures.
  • Less time as a couple having nights out and quality time.

For 82% of cheating partners, it seems these stresses can radiate into an affair or one-night stand.

A survey of more than 5,000 cheating men revealed that;

  • 78% were in their first marriage.
  • 82% began to be unfaithful in the weeks and months after having their first child.

The reasons that the cheating partners gave for cheating were;

  • 30% said that sex with their partner stopped being passionate after the baby.
  • 23% stated that the lack of sleep commonly experienced by parents of young children had led to problems in the bedroom which had caused them to stray.
  • 18% stated that their spouse turned all of their attention to the child and this lack of attention led to their infidelity.
  • 15% cited economic problems as the source of their marital woes.
  • 14% indicated that other family issues were the cause of their problems.

Do you live in Cambridge and suspect that your partner may be cheating?

If you have reason to believe you have a cheating partner or unfaithful spouse then contact Titan’s dedicated Cambridge Matrimonial Investigation team who are more than happy to discuss your case confidentially.

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Cambridge Cheating Partner – Who Do I Call?

One of Titan’s dedicated Cambridge Private Investigators is awaiting your call. Titan offers it’s Cheating Partner Investigations service in Cambridge and the Cambridgeshire area. Titan Private Investigation Ltd’s new Cambridge office is located in the heart of Cambridge near to the Grafton Shopping Centre so there’s plenty of public car parking spaces close by. We also have offices in Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Leicester, Sheffield and London however due to our central location our operatives are more than willing to travel the breadth of the country.

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