Scared your partner may be tempted to cheat on you at the Office Christmas Party?

The Office Christmas party season will soon be with us again but for some couples in the Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and the East Midlands region this time of happiness and celebration can be extremely stressful and full of worry.

According to — a dating site for married people looking to cheat — you have good reason to be.

A recent Ashley Madison press release reveals that out of 23,455 people polled (all of whom have accounts on the site), 46.1 percent of men and 37.4 percent of women have had an affair with a co-worker. Among these cheaters, 72.2 percent of women and 59.8 percent of men say that they had their first encounter with the affair partner at an office Christmas party.

“They offer an informal atmosphere, and when mixed with alcohol and pent-up sexual tensions between two colleagues, it’s a recipe for disaster.”

And while not everyone acts on the temptation, many people have entertained the idea of a tryst with a colleague. Data from the website indicates that 89.1 percent of men and 83.2 percent of women have thought about having an affair with a co-worker. Even more shocking is that 94.7 percent of men and 96.3 percent of women have admitted to having sexual fantasies about someone in their office.

A survey has found that one in four of us will kiss a colleague at their work office Christmas party over the coming weeks.

The poll of 2,000 people, by TGI Fridays, revealed that a quarter of office workers find themselves in a romantic embrace at the annual work bash.

Titan Private Investigation are able to rapidly deploy surveillance operatives and or equipment covertly throughout the Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and East Midland regions to confirm or eradicate your suspicions and we cover Nationwide if required. Our professional and highly trained investigation team have all signed and abide by a confidentiality agreement, are regularly checked for criminal records and registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (Data Protection).
We use approved evidence gathering techniques that are lawful and stand the scrutiny of a court if so required and we’re also full members of ABI, UKPIN (UK Private Investigator Network), WAPI (World Association of Private Investigators) and are ISO9001 Quality Management accredited.

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