Titan Investigations Graphology Services

What are graphology services? 

Graphology Services are the careful and minute examination of writing, commonly referred to as a writing system, of which there are many. A writing system is a defined set of graphic signs used to represent units of language through specific, structured and commonly accepted rules. They record messages and ideas, words or sounds, used for human communication with everyone familiar with the encoding procedure. Titan Private Investigation’s graphologists hold professionally recognised qualifications, a wealth of experience and are full members of the British Institute of Graphologists.

What is a forensic document examiner? 

Forensic document examination work involves precision, expertise and exactness. Titan’s examiners thoroughly observe the documents in question to draw expert conclusions which are admissible in tribunals, civil and criminal courts. This includes verifying the authenticity of documents, including erasures and indentations. The examiner will look for similar and dissimilar features in the anonymous document or signature and handwriting of the suspect and compare with the known handwriting or signature. 

When might you require this handwriting analysis service?

  • To prove your innocence in an alleged forgery
  • To ascertain whether a document has been tampered or altered
  • To confirm the authenticity of a signature
  • To identify the author of a malicious letter or hate mail
  • To verify an insurance claim

Forensic Handwriting Analysis

Who might use graphology services?

  • Solicitors (fraud & forgeries)
  • Loss Adjusters & Insurance Companies (forgery and fraudulent claims)
  • Local Councils (Graffiti Problems)
  • Recipients of hate mail or fake and nuisance letters
  • Human Resource Departments during misconduct employment tribunals (Document Examination)

What areas do we cover?

Titan Private Investigation has offices based in Derby, Nottingham & Leicester, however, we provide a national coverage.

Graphology Services Derby – Call 01332 650029
Graphology Services Nottingham – Call 0115 824 2244
Graphology Services Leicester – Call 0116 3260777

Contact us direct from our “Confidential Contact” form and a Titan Investigations team member will respond to your enquiry or request.

How and what documents will I need to forward Titan?

Have you been the victim of forgery, malicious or hate mail, our hand writing analysis experts can help and advise you. Dependent on your case we may require the original documents for examination. In some cases such as signature comparisons where the results are time critical we may advice you to send documents electronically for analysis.

If you have any enquiries please contact Titan Private Investigation,

Head Office (Derby) 01332 650029

Nottingham Office 0115 824 2244

Leicester Office 0116 3260777

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