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Require a Private Investigator London or in the surrounding area? Then make Titan Private Investigations your first choice.

Private investigation is the lawful gathering of evidence based around your (the client’s) objectives, whether that be to prove your suspicions that you have a cheating partner; or a commercial investigation such as absenteeism or theft.
Titan Private Investigation Ltd has 20 years of experience investigating private cases such as cheating partners and matrimonial cases, and commercial investigations such as fraud, absenteeism, theft and espionage. Our evidence is gathered lawfully and is exhibited in a manner that is 100% admissible in a court of law if so required.

Titan Investigations have offices are based in London, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield and Derby (Head Office), although we offer a nationwide service due to our head office central location. Titan is BS9001 Quality Management certified and has developed a reputation as a leading market provider of London private investigation and surveillance services.

Private Investigator London – What services does Titan Private Investigation Ltd offer?

Private Investigator London Covert Surveillance| Titan Private Investigations

1. London Surveillance

This is our specialism, and due to being based in the centre of London we’re able to deploy at the drop of a hat. All of our London Investigation operatives are former government surveillance trained and as a result have received the best training and have a wealth of operational experience. We regularly deploy our skilled surveillance operatives in the London area, whether it be;
Private Investigator London – Static Observations (where one operative is required to watch a specific area such as an address in cohabitation investigations),
Private Investigator London – Mobile Surveillance (where two or more operatives are required to follow a subject in a vehicle),
Private Investigator London – Foot Surveillance (where two or more operatives are required to follow a subject on foot).
We will tailor the investigation to your needs and budget. Maybe you think you’re being followed and require counter surveillance to detect whether this is the case.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/surveillance

2. Cheating Partner London

Not knowing whether your partner is faithful or not can be very painful and may feel like your whole life is on hold. Titan Investigations deploys Private Investigators in London on a daily basis to uncover the truth and discover whether your suspicions are correct or unfounded. Video and photographic evidence can’t be disputed and allows clients in London to see first-hand whether they have a cheating partner or unfaithful husband or wife.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/cheating-partner

3. Vehicle Tracking London

GPS vehicle tracking in London is a cheap method of monitoring where a vehicle or asset is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be given the login details for the tracker so that if you wish, you can monitor its movements throughout London and nationwide. Maybe it is for peace of mind of a valuable asset; to locate a cheating partner’s meeting place or to identify the use of a company vehicle. The device can be monitored up to every 10 seconds real time or interrogated historically and will alert you when it starts to move.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/gps-tracking-devices

4. London Cohabitation Enquiries

Cohabitation enquiries are usually prevalent in divorce proceedings when financial settlements are being established. If a partner is hiding the fact that they are cohabiting with a new partner then your financial settlement may be considerably reduced. We will gain video evidence of the comings and goings of a house to prove cohabitation. Do you have a suspicion that your estranged partner is living with a new partner in London or the surrounding London area?
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/cohabitation-association-investigations

5. Person Tracing London

Do you want to be reunited with an old school or university friend in the London area, maybe a family member who you’ve lost touch with or locating biological parents after adoption? Titan Private Investigation Ltd can help you! The minimum information we require names, approximate age and a last known address if known. We will get the result back to you with 24 hours.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/background-checks-person-tracing/

6. Child Custody Cases in London

To successfully win a child custody case you must uncover facts that are compelling and admissible in a court. Titan Private Investigation’s London detectives can serve as witnesses in a case and prove facts that are tough to prove on your own. Even a potentially difficult case can turn into a simple one at trial with the right facts and evidence. Maybe you need evidence of their lifestyle, associations and activities in and around London?.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/partner-breaching-a-child-contact-order

7. Employee Misconduct (theft, absenteeism, injury claims)

Do you have an employee who regularly calls in sick and you wish to know whether they are genuinely ill? Do you suspect that they may be stealing from your London based business and want to catch them in the act? Titan Private Investigation has orchestrated a number of sting operations in the London area to identify the perpetrators of business theft.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/employee-absenteeism

8. London Fraud Investigations

All too often, London based businesses find themselves in a situation where assets are missing, books aren’t kept accurately or bribes have been taken. Titan’s London Private Investigators can determine if assets were fictitious, improper payments were made or whether there were other misrepresentations.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/employee-investigations

9. Polygraph Testing/Lie Detector London

Titan Private Investigation offers Polygraph Testing in London and the surrounding counties, however, this is also a service we offer Nationally. Our Polygraph examiners are all registered members of the American Polygraph Association (APA) and the British Polygraph Association (BPA). Polygraph testing is 90% successful at discovering the truth.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/polygraph-testing

10. Missing Persons London

This London Privation Investigation service is similar to Person Tracing, however usually a lot more protracted and timescales will be increased as a result. We use the same techniques as the Police, the difference is that you will have a dedicated researcher based in London who are only working on your case and has the time to be thorough and precise.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/missing-persons

11. London Graphology/Forensic Document Examination

Forensic document examination work involves precision, expertise and exactness. Titan Private Investigation Ltd’s examiners are located within our London office and thoroughly observe the documents in question to draw expert conclusions which are admissible in tribunals, civil and criminal courts. This includes verifying the authenticity of documents, including erasures and indentations. All of our London graphologists are members of the British Institute of Graphologists.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/graphology-services

12. Background checks for potential Business Partners/Employees in London

If your business is based in and around London and you’re currently hiring you to need to be aware of false CV’s and backgrounds which could put your business and/or reputation at risk. We can verify these by searching into the applicant’s history and provide you with peace of mind.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/background-checks-person-tracing

13. Online Dating Enquiries London

Whether you met your Mr or Mrs Perfect online or offline, these days it pays to be cautious. How do you know the individual you met over the internet or socially is truly who he or she claims to be? The answer is you don’t. London clients rely on private investigation companies to conduct comprehensive dating background checks to verify education, employment, address, criminal and court records, ID or passport, date of birth and much more. If you live in the London or surrounding areas and require this service, then contact us for a free fully confidential consultation.

14. London Bug Sweep for Listening and Devices

A bug sweep is the use of highly technical equipment by specialist operatives to detect covert listening devices and video recording equipment. The list is endless but some scenarios where our Nottingham Private Investigators have searched for listening devices and spy equipment in London City and surrounding London area are listed below:

  • A partner who wishes to monitor the movements and conversations of a lover. This may be advantageous to the perpetrator if a divorce is being negotiated and the settlement is likely to be a large sum.
  • A high profile person or of high net worth.
  • A person who owns a second home in London which has been left empty for a period of time.
  • A company operating in a highly competitive industry within London.
  • A London based business involved in sensitive areas of industry.
  • London Companies involved in the development of innovative products that competitors would benefit from having knowledge of.
  • An individual who is subject to legal action.
  • A London tenant who wishes to ensure that their landlord/lady isn’t a voyeur.

More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/bug-sweep-experts-uk

15. Serving legal Process in London

London Process serving is the serving of legal documents upon individuals which we offer throughout London and nationwide. Are you a solicitor based in London who requires process servers to have a legal background? Titan’s London Private Investigation process servers are all former Police personnel with extensive knowledge of the law.
More Informationwww.titaninvestigations.co.uk/private-investigation-services/process-serving

Private Investigator London – Who do I contact?

One of Titan’s dedicated London Private Investigation team is awaiting your call which will be treated in the utmost confidence. Titan offer this service nationally and can be contacted or visited at the locations below;

London Office – Call 02031371150 for a Private Investigation London
Derby (Head Office) – Call 01332 650029 for a Private Investigator in Derby
Nottingham Office – Call 0115 824 2244 for a Private Investigator in Nottingham
Leicester Office – Call 0116 326 0777 for a Private Investigator in Leicester
Sheffield Office – Call 0114 3032426 Private Investigator in Sheffield

You can also contact us by email on enquiries@titaninvestigations.co.uk or get in touch with directly using our confidential contact form.

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