Are you looking for Private Investigators in Birmingham?

Private Investigators in Birmingham, Titan Private Investigation Ltd have a Birmingham office located in the Jewellery Quarter, close to the city centre. Titan also have a further 7 offices located in London, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Sheffield and Leeds offering us both a local and national reach.

Do you have furloughed staff or employees working from home due to COVID-19?

Many companies across the UK are slowly introducing their workforce back to work after the government furlough scheme comes to an end. This may be by introducing them back into the office on a rotational basis so that they combine working from home and the office; or by remaining at home to conduct their contracted working hours.

There’s always a small minority that if you give an inch will take a mile and we all know who they are.

How can Titan Investigations help Birmingham employers?

If you suspect that a member of your staff isn’t performing, potentially through working elsewhere whilst on furlough; or stating that they are working from home, but you have suspicions that this isn’t the case, then we can help.

Titan Investigations are surveillance specialists, many of our operatives who have years of government-level surveillance experience and training.

We will deploy a minimum of two surveillance operatives to record the movements of the person in question providing you with irrefutable surveillance footage evidence that can then be utilised in a tribunal or disclosed to a criminal court. You will receive a comprehensive report outlining these movements backed up by still images taken from the surveillance footage.

Surveillance is £50/hour/operative +VAT and deploys for a minimum of 5 hours at a time. Minimum surveillance for two operatives is, therefore, £600 inclusive of VAT.

More Information – Employee Absenteeism

Maybe you have debtors and outstanding invoices due to COVID-19.

Titan Investigations offer a tracing service which locates debtors if they have moved location to avoid payment. Our traces are reliable and accurate due to utilising multiple sources to locate the individual or company rather than just one. We locate individuals within 24 hours at a cost of £200+VAT.

More Information – Background Checks & Person Tracing

Is your Birmingham business safe?

Physical Penetration Testing is a method to test the current security processes and protocols that your company employs and to test the compliance of your staff. It’s an excellent opportunity to test whether your business or organisation is safe or easily accessible to potential threats and vulnerabilities from both outside and inside.
Titan Private Investigation’s penetration testing operatives are all former government operators with backgrounds as Counter Terrorism Security Advisors (CTSA’s) and Crime Prevention Officers (CPO’s) and fully insured to conduct this vital service. We will not only test your current security protocols by attempting to gain entry into your premises, but we will deliver a comprehensive report outlining recommendations for implementation.

Titan Birmingham Private Investigations Penetration Test Methodology

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Threat Modelling
  3. Vulnerability Analysis
  4. Exploitation
  5. Post-Exploitation
  6. Reporting

Birmingham Physical Penetration Testing Methodology | Titan Private Investigation Ltd

Who might benefit from Titan’s Birmingham Physical Penetration Testing Service?

  • Companies who hold sensitive and/ or personal information.
  • Organisations which store items reported and monitored by Schedule 5 of the Crime & Security Act 2001.
  • Establishments that have security processes in place to protect company assets and its staff.
  • Any company who wishes to reduce their insurance premiums by proactively testing penetration.
  • Companies that have a theft culture.
  • Maybe you have servers at your premises and are interested to see if they can be breached.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Companies that feel they may be or have been targeted.
  • Organisations which incinerate controlled substances and/ or seized contraband.
  • Maybe you want to test the security of the company you utilise for this or you provide incineration services and want to prove to your client that you are secure.
  • Businesses that store harmful chemical.
  • Establishments that want to see first-hand if their staff are complying with security policies that are in place.
  • To test your GDPR compliance.
  • Any company who wishes to test how easy or hard it is to gain access to their buildings.

Physical Penetration Testing Service – What are the benefits?

  • Reduces insurance premiums.
  • Demonstrate to CTSA’s that you are serious about security and the items you store.
  • Seen favourably by licensing review boards.
  • Keeps your information, assets and staff safe.
  • Reduces the likelihood of a business becoming a victim of crime.

More Information – Penetration Testing Service/

Who do I contact about Private Investigators in Birmingham?

One of Titan Investigation’s dedicated Corporate Investigations team is awaiting your call which will be treated in the utmost confidence. Titan offers our Corporate Investigation Service throughout Birmingham, the West Midlands and Nationally; we can be contacted as below;

Corporate Investigations Birmingham – Call Titan Investigations on 0121 7162442
Corporate Investigations London – Call Titan Investigations 020 39046622
Corporate Investigations Cambridge – Call Titan Investigations 01223662022
Corporate Investigations Leicester – Call Titan Investigations 0116 2436520
Corporate Investigations Nottingham – Call Titan Investigations 0115 9646950
Corporate Investigations Derby (Head Office) – Call Titan Investigations 01332 504256
Corporate Investigations Sheffield – Call Titan Investigations 0114 3499400
Corporate Investigations Leeds – Call Titan Investigations 0113 4574066

You are also able to email via our fully confidential contact form and one of our dedicated team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat directly with one of our Birmingham Private Investigators are waiting to discreetly discuss your requirements.

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