Rural Crime Prevention With Titan Investigations

Rural Crime Prevention as been a part in Titan Investigations countryside operations since 2016 when Titan highlighted a rise in rural crime in the form of a newsfeed.

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Today, 4th August 2020 the NFU (National Farmers Union) have reported a seven-year high in theft of farm vehicles and livestock. The figures in 2015 for rural crime was £42.5 million, rising to £50 million in 2018. 2019 saw a 26% increase to £63 million.

The BBC have covered the spike in rural crime today.

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How can Titan help with Rural Crime Prevention?

Sting Vehicles

Sting Vehicles Used To Combat Rural Crime

We’ve had some great results for victims of rural crime in the Midlands, specifically Nottingham, Leicester and Lincolnshire by deploying sting vehicles and trailers with monitoring equipment secreted covertly within them. Once the item is stolen, we are able to direct the police to the perpetrators where they are detained and dealt with by the judicial system. We can either provide the sting vehicle/trailer or place our covert monitoring equipment onto your asset.


CCTV To Prevent Rural Crime

We have a range of covert and overt camera equipment which will monitor your assets 24 hours a day and allows you to identify who, how and when these offences are occurring.

Prevent Rural Crime With CCTV & Lighting


This acts as a deterrent and when used in conjunction with CCTV can prove to be a relatively inexpensive method.

Use Of Silent Covert Alarms To Catch Rural Thieves
A range of covert (silent) or overt alarms/triggers can be utilised to either scare the perpetrators away or to alert a covert strike team to detain them.

CROP (Covert Rural Observation Post)

CROP - CROP - Covert Rural Observation Post
Titan Private Investigation has a number of specialist operatives who are trained to build covert rural observation posts in remote areas whilst recording their observations. More information our rural CROP surveillance service page.


Titan Drone Used To Investigate Rural Theft

Drones can observe a large amount of ground if you are being regularly targeted by criminals, ideal for rural geography.

Back in August 2017 Titan deployed drones to cover 25m2 miles to counter theft and interference with equipment used to measure seismic activity. The case study can be observed below.

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Why choose Titan Private Investigation to prevent Rural Crime?

Titan Private Investigation and the NFU Mutual are working tirelessly to reduce rural crime. With our 8 offices located in London, Cambridge, Leicester, Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham, Sheffield and Leeds, we have a National reach. Due to our law enforcement background, evidence is collated, retained and produced in accordance with the Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984 and Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act 1996. All of our operatives are trained to the highest standard, insured and registered with ICO (Data Protection).

Who do I contact for more information?

One of Titan Investigation’s dedicated rural crime prevention case handlers is awaiting your call which will be treated in the utmost confidence.

Rural Crime Team London – Call Titan Investigations 020 39046622
Rural Crime Team Cambridge – Call Titan Investigations 01223662022
Rural Crime Team Leicester – Call Titan Investigations 0116 2436520
Rural Crime Team Nottingham – Call Titan Investigations 0115 9646950
Rural Crime Team Derby (Head Office) – Call Titan Investigations 01332 504256
Rural Crime Team Birmingham – Call Titan Investigations on 0121 7162442
Rural Crime Team Sheffield – Call Titan Investigations 0114 3499400
Rural Crime Team Leeds – Call Titan Investigations 0113 4574066

You are also able to email via our fully confidential contact form and one of our dedicated team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat directly with one of our Rural Crime Investigators are waiting to discreetly discuss your requirements.

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