Interested in a career within the Private Investigator Surveillance Industry?

Investigator Surveillance Training Course may be the answer if you’re, unhappy in your current job and thinking about retraining? Or are you interested in adding an extra revenue stream to your current income?
The private surveillance industry provides an exciting career and you can retrain from as little as £800+VAT. We’ve not missed a zero off that figure! It really is only £800.

Investigator Surveillance Training, so what does that include?

Titan’s 5 Day Surveillance Training Course is 5 days in duration where you will receive professional tuition by former government surveillance instructors at our Nottingham training facility. Our instructors have a wealth of commercial surveillance experience under their belts and teach with a ratio of 1 instructor to 2 students. The course covers all elements of surveillance but also includes technical surveillance, gaining and converting imagery, report writing and the law. The course syllabus can be seen below;

  • Current Legislation
  • Foot Surveillance
  • Foot Surveillance as a team and solo
  • Glossary/ Voice Procedure
  • Distancing
  • Use of cover
  • Plotting
 Loss Procedures
  • Close Control
  • Public Transport
  • Mobile surveillance
  • Glossary/ Voice Procedure
  • Plotting
  • Convoy System
  • Stop and Plot
  • Loss Procedure
  • Navigation and Map Reading
  • Operational Planning
  • Reconnaissance
  • Operational Orders
  • Briefings
  • Report Writing
  • Methods of Communication
  • Imagery
  • Stable camera platforms, in-car setups, setting the frame and update shots.
  • Technical Surveillance
  • Deployment, Retrieval and monitoring

This is a fun-packed but intensive course due to the amount we cover in just 5 days. Every morning there is a theory input conducted in a classroom environment before we put this learning into practice. The days start at 9 am and continue into the evening or when the students have reached saturation and there is little point continuing. The following day after the students are well-rested, we continue to build on the previous day’s learning.

Investigator Surveillance Training Course | Titan Private Investigations Ltd

What are the minimum enrolment criteria?

All our students will be vetted to ensure that we are not passing on a skill base that will be misused.
Students need to be competent drivers and have a full driving license.

Once I’ve passed the course will I be employed as a Private Surveillance Investigator?

This is where Titan Private Investigations Ltd differs from most other investigator surveillance training providers. We don’t just take your money, give you a Rolls Royce Private Investigator Training Course and then leave you to your own devices. We enrol our successful students onto the industry-renowned ‘GROW’ student aftercare programme.

GROUP – Added to Titan’s Operational Resourcing Group where students will be allocated their first operational tasks.

RECOMMENDATION – Advised on equipment, setup, tactics and the law.

ONGOING SUPPORT – Allocated a mentor to instil success in the early stages of your career when you are judged the most.

WITH YOU – Double crewed where possible on your first live operational deployments to ensure your confidence grows.

Titan receives CV after CV from newly trained private investigator surveillance operatives looking for work. Unfortunately, we can’t pick up the slack of other training providers who don’t provide work after completing their course. We only run 6 courses a year and keep the training realistic by having a maximum of 6 students on each. We received a call only last week from an individual based in Derby, only 20 miles from our training facility in Nottingham who had completed a course with a northerly based training provider and wanted surveillance work. We, unfortunately, can’t take everyone under our wing.
Our advice would be to research your chosen training provider and ask the following questions;

  1. What background and experience do the course authors and instructors possess?
  2. This is highly important to ensure that you are being taught relevant material by professionals. We recently learnt that a former student with 8 months surveillance experience is now setting up a training academy in the Midlands. A start-up business will not be able to provide you with work after the course.
  3. How many courses have the training provider completed?
  4. Some training providers have never actually run a course, it’s the smoke and mirrors of a glossy website.
  5. What aftercare will I receive if I successfully complete the course?
  6. Most training providers will offer you access to some kind of group, but is it active? How many tasks are posted a week? Will you need to look elsewhere to bolster your work?
  7. Can I be passed the contact details of previous students who successfully completed the course?

This will hopefully provide you with an independent testimonial away from the sales patter.

Do you have a private investigator training gallery where I can view the training and classroom environment?

Titan’s can be seen on the below link.

Do you have a private investigator training testimonial page?

Titan’s can be seen on the below link.

If you receive any resistance to the above questions then we’d advise you keep looking for a credible training provider.

When are Titan’s next 5 Day Surveillance Training Course dates?

We will soon be releasing dates for 2020, however, we do have 2 courses remaining for 2019. These are;

Monday 16th September 2019
Monday 11th November 2019

We currently have 2 vacancies remaining on both courses which are expected to be filled within the next couple of weeks.

Can I apply for the course if I come from a non-surveillance background?

Absolutely! We prefer students to have no previous knowledge of surveillance so that you’re a blank canvas and can be moulded by our expert training team. Having said that, we do have a lot of Close Protection Operatives signing up after receiving a couple of days of basic surveillance training as part of their CP course. Surveillance generally commandeers a higher hourly rate of pay and isn’t a flooded market like CP. We also have former Government Surveillance Operatives sign up for our course who want to make the transition from the public to the private sector or merely utilise it as a refresher course.

How do I find out more or book onto a surveillance training course?

Watch our Titan 5 Day Surveillance Training Course Video
5 Day Surveillance Training Course

You can call and speak to one Titan Investigations dedicated Investigator Surveillance Training Team by contacting one of our 7 offices nearest to your location.

Leeds Private Investigator Training – Call our Leeds Office 0113 4574066
Sheffield Private Investigator Training – Call our Sheffield Office 0114 3499400
Nottingham Private Investigator Training – Call our Nottingham Office 01159 646950
Derby Private Investigator Training – Call our Derby Office 01332 504256

Leicester Private Investigator Training – Call our Leicester Office 01162 436520
Cambridge Private Investigator Training – Call our Cambridge Office 01223 662022
London Private Investigator Training – Call our London Office 020 39046622

Alternatively, contact us directly using our fully confidential online form and one of the Titan’s Training Team will get right back to you or use our Live Chat facility to chat facility.

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